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Armies of Skyshard

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Armies of Skyshard

Post by Alucard on Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:40 pm


Name: Army of Ganenmarsh
Overall Tier: Mages: 0-3 /Knights: 1-1/ Soldiers: 2-2
Guilds: Mage's Guild, Knight's Guild
Location: Alurand, Ganenmarsh
Elven Army:

Magic: Lightning/Air/Arcane

Weapons: Specialize in polearms and archery

Special: Control of five Tier 0-2 Colossus' and two 0-3 Lamia.

Purpose: To protect Ganenmarsh and her interests


Name: Army of Elagrid
Overall Tier: Knight's: 0-2/ Mage's: 1-2/ Soldier's: 2-1
Guilds: The Knight's Guild, The Vatican
Location: Del Nalfen, Elagrid
Human Army:

Magic: Arcane/Alchemy/Healing

Weapons: Focus on Sword and Shield, Highly skilled cavalry.

Special: Control over a small platoon of Trolls. (15) all of them are Tier 1-1

Purpose: To protect Elagrid and her interests


Name: Army of Ridbrad
Overall Tier: Knight's: 0-1/ Soldier's: 1-2/ Mage's: 2-1
Guilds: Knight's Guild, Mage's Guild
Location: Saridel, Ridbrad
Dwarven Army:

Magic: Arcane/Fire/Enchantment

Weapons: Focus on sword and shield, powerful use of siege equipment and powerfully enchanted weapons

Special: Control over five Tier 0-3 Drake's.

Purpose: to protect Ridbrad and her interests


Name: Army of Vandale
Overall Tier: Assassin's: 1-1/Mage's: 1-3/ Knight's: 2-1/ Soldier's: 3-1
Guilds: Assassin's Guild, Mage's Guild, Knight's Guild
Location: Tartius-Tor, Vandale
Human Army:

Magic: Arcane/Alchemy

Weapons: Swords, Daggers, Stealth, Politics, this kingdom uses any weapon available

Special: Small army of Imps (100) all tier 1-1

Purpose: To protect Vandale and her interests


Name: Army of Capralorn
Overall Tier: Knight's: 0-1/ Mage's: 0-3/ Soldier's: 1-1
Guilds: Knight's Guild, Mage's Guild
Location: New Grenenstar, Capralorn
Dryad/Giant Army:

Magic: Arcane, Enhancement, Plant

Weapons: They use mostly magic and pure physical strength, They also use various large sized weapons like claymore's and battle axes.

Battalions of Tuskhogg's (10) all tier 0-3
Five Colossus' all Tier 0-2

Purpose: To protect Capralorn and her interests

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