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Ganenmarsh Civil War Arc [OPEN]

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Ganenmarsh Civil War Arc [OPEN]

Post by Alucard on Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:32 am

Name: Battle of Tonlas
Rank: PLOT
Location: Ganenmarsh, Tonlas
Description: The allied forces received intelligence from their spies in Alurand that the town of Tonlas was manufacturing extra weaponry and magical items for the army of Ganenmarsh. The intel suggested they were using slave labor of the Dark Elves to do this. So, the Allied kings decided to sack the town to free the prisoner's and disrupt their manufacturing.
Rewards: 6,000 gold

Time skip: 6 months

Name: Siege of Syryen Valley
Rank: PLOT 
Location: Ganenmarsh, Syryen Valley
Description: The allies tracked one of the major generals of the Elven army to the Syryen Valley. They have besieged the valley for the past three months and it is time to make a move on the stronghold. It is during this battle that the Elven army releases one of its Colossus into the fray.
Rewards: 7,000 gold

Time skip: 3 months

Name: Massacre at Taradrew Keep
Rank: PLOT
Location: Ganenmarsh, Taradrew Keep
Description: After the Siege and a few minor confrontations, it was time to take out the final general and gather more information on the enemies movements. The Allied Kings send their armies to ransack Taradrew Keep and kill the general there after interrogation to learn more on the enemies movements.
Rewards: 8,000 gold

Time skip: 1 year

Name: Storming the Gates
Rank: PLOT
Location: Ganenmarsh, Alurand, City Gates
Description: After using what information they received from the Massacre at Taradrew Keep to keep three steps ahead of the Elven army, the Allies moved to end the war in one all out assault, putting all of their cards on the table.  In their first major push in over a year, they move to take down the walls of the city and make a base camp there after pushing the enemy farther into the city. There is another Colossus aiding in the guarding of the gate.
Rewards: 9,000 gold

Name: The Dark Quarter
Rank: PLOT
Location: Ganenmarsh, Alurand, Dark Quarter
Description: Once the base camp has been established, a few squads of elite soldiers are sent deeper into the city to work through the dark quarter, freeing as many Dark Elf prisoners as they can and getting them into the base camp or out of the city. This would take a few days as the Dark Quarter also extends underground some ways.
Rewards: 5,000 gold

Name: Strength of the King
Rank: PLOT 
Location: Ganenmarsh, Alurand, Mage's Guild
Description: In a final stand, the King of Ganenmarsh, Belanor the Heartless stands, leading his army himself along with the remaining three Colossus'. Even with the remaining army being severely depleted of manpower, it still stands equal to the combined forces of Elagrid and Ridbrad. As the battle begins, who will come out as the victor?
Rewards: 10,000 gold

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