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S-rank Quests

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S-rank Quests

Post by Alucard on Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:36 pm

Name: Defeat the Collossus
Rank: S
Location: Western Ridbrad
Description: A rogue Collossus is causing chaos in a small town. It's one of the weaker ones, so it is only around 200 meters tall and its tier is 1-1, but it still is absolutely massive and can cause immense damage to the surrounding area! Bring it down without too much damage to the countryside!
Rewards: 6,000 gold

Name: Defeat the Lamia
Rank: S
Location: Eastern Elagrid
Description: A wild Lamia has been spotted heading towards Lefilia Village! If the massive snake makes it there it will cause untold casualties and destruction. You must not let this happen! You will be handsomely compensated for your efforts.
Rewards: 6,000 gold

Name: Defeat the Flesh Walker
Rank: S
Location: The Dead Forest, Capralorn
Description: There have been reports of a Flesh Walker in the vicinity of the Dead Forest. When you arrive, you find not just one, but three and they all want you for dinner! Two are 1-1 and their leader is 0-3. Do not take them lightly!
Rewards: 6,000 gold

Name: Battle of the Feral Nightstalkers
Rank: S
Location: The Dead Forest, Capralorn
Description: There is a battle happening in the forest between a Feral Werewolf and a Feral Vampire. These mindless beasts are going at it, but it could spill into a nearby town. You have been sent to see that it doesn't happen. Both of these creatures are Tier 0-3, so you might want to plan ahead a little bit.
Rewards: 6,000 gold

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