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Rue, A princess of Ganenmarsh [FIN]

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Rue, A princess of Ganenmarsh [FIN]

Post by Alucard on Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:00 pm

Name: Ælrue Romaris
Age: 36 (~20 in appearance)
Race: High Elf
Tier: 0-3
Occupation: Wanderer (Ex- member of the Ganenmarsh Mage's Guild)
Location: Wandering with Alucard
Appearance: [Above]

Personality: Ælrue, or simply, Rue, is a kind soul who got sucked into the political turmoil of Ganenmarsh. She didn't have many dreams for herself until she was made to join the Mage's guild in Ganenmarsh, she began to realize her true potential in the art of magic. She quickly progressed through the various training programs they had there and was assigned an official mage by a relatively young age. Though this happy bliss wasn't to last too long as she was pulled into a political scheme to use her nobility to draw the attention of the King and for him to take her on as a wife or concubine to bring her family closer to his court. This proved to be a failure though, as she ran away from the Kingdom in the dead of night and began wandering the lands in search of a purpose.

Magic: Arcane, Healing, Water, Fire, Dragon


A dragon steel blade crafted by the Demon, Alucard. It has a powerful enchantment that allows the blade to cut based on the user's spiritual pressure, as opposed to their strength.

A special bow obtained from some Dryads in Capralorn that allows the user to channel their spiritual pressure to create the arrows. The arrows are then capable of exploding, doing concussive damage equal to the caster's spiritual pressure.

Purpose: To serve as a plot point for Alucard, his student and a potential Love interest.

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Re: Rue, A princess of Ganenmarsh [FIN]

Post by Beleg on Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:19 pm


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