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Nera, Queen-Consort of Ganenmarsh

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Nera, Queen-Consort of Ganenmarsh

Post by Beleg on Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:00 pm

Name: Nera
Age: 41
Race: High Elf
Tier: 1-1
Occupation: Queen of Ganenmarsh
Location: Alurand, Ganenmarsh


Personality: Nera is a kind, sweet woman. She is in her twenties or so by High Elven standard, and has hit the point in her life where she won't age until her natural lifespan is over. She absolutely abhors the injustice in her own Kingdom, and hates her husband Belanor with her entire being, both for bringing Ganenmarsh to ruin and for forcing her to marry him three years prior. Otherwise, she is a very loving person, and very passionate with the one who has caught her eye. She wishes for equality, and secretly sneaks out of the castle to provide relief and food for the Dark Elves of the city. All in all, she would be a far better ruler if Belanor the Heartless was not King.

Magic: Arcane, Healing, Air, Dragon

Weapons: She refuses to use a staff to enhance her magical strength, relying purely on her own skills.

Purpose: To serve as Belanor's replaceme-I mean, wife, and Beleg's lover. Secretly. Until further notice, secretly.

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Re: Nera, Queen-Consort of Ganenmarsh

Post by Alucard on Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:17 pm


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