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Lux, The White Wolf Empty Lux, The White Wolf

Post by Achilles on Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:06 pm

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Name: Lux
Nicknames: The White Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 400 (Appears to be ~45)
Birth Place: Saridel, Ridbrad
Currently Living In: Del Nalfen, Elagrid
Race: Werewolf, Formerly Human
Religion / Beliefs:
Blood Type: AB+

Height: 6'1”
Weight: 236 lbs
Frame / Build: Muscular
Hair length: Shoulder length
Hair color: White
Eye shape: Harsh
Eye color: yellow
Complexion: Fair
Face size (broad, narrow, etc.): Strong
Voice type: Rough
Tattoo(s): none
Scar(s): Prominent one down left eye,  another on right side of forehead and lesser scars littering body.


Lux is a very serious person and can often be seen as harsh. After years of being in command of the main military force of Elagrid, he is a very militaristic person. Preferring to obey the chain of command,  he also does want to respect those of age and elders, even if he is one of the oldest people in the world. When around those he respects or regards as friends, he is kind and respectful. He is immensely loyal to those he loves. To his enemies, he is harsh, unforgiving and oftentimes sadistic. To those that he doesn’t respect or views as immature or naïve, he can be seen as a cantankerous old man who is stubbornly set in his old ways.

Occupation: Knight-Commander of Elagrid
Tier: 0-3
Strengths: Speed and Strength
Weaknesses: Magical Energy and Durability


Our story here starts with a young boy who had hair as black as night and eyes that were so pure blue, the oceans couldn’t compare. At first, he was known simply as 23. However after proving himself in the facility, he earned the name, Lux. The first twelve years of Lux's life are a complete mystery even to him. He doesn’t know his parents, or from which kingdom he hailed or even what his name was truly intended to be. His first memory is that of his first beating.

 He grew up in a sort of underground facility that was breeding warriors for some dark purpose. He happened to be one of those warriors, which meant that from even a young child stolen from his home or perhaps he was born in the facility, he would never know. Within this facility,  he was among the top ten trainees that would supposedly advance to the next stage of the project known simply as “Project Lycan”.

It was a few months after this news that a man simply known as “The Necromancer” was coming to the facility to relocate those chosen for Lycan to a separate facility. Apparently he was the one who was running all of these hidden facilities located all throughout Skyshard. It wasn’t discussed what the project entailed nor why only ten of them were selected. But they said this was merely the test before mass production of the supposed super soldiers.

After a few years of getting used to the new facility and having numerous tests run on him and his companions, the ritual was to begin. Being ushered into a medium sized, circular room, they were told to lay back onto tables laid out in a circle. It all happened so fast after that, the floor glowed red in a circle with odd markings all over it around the tables. That’s when everything went dark for lux.

When he awoke, he was covered in blood and there were nine dismembered bodies all around him. After doing some investigating in the area, the 25 year old lux managed to find a few files on the doctors, the test subjects and a single paper on the project itself. It would seem that this was to provide one with an immense boost in physical strength for a short time and before long, there will be an army of men like this. But, this was the original test, which made him, the sole survivor, patient zero.

Once he left the facility, he found himself in the wilds of Elagrid. Little did he know, a few scientists survived and they saw what happened to the now white haired, yellow eyed man. The ritual had been a partial success, the man gained beastly strength and speed but he became more than just the human he was before. He became a monster, half wolf and half man. It seemed though, that this was the Necromancers plan all along.

A couple decades later, Lux had been made a knight of Elagrid. He managed to keep his… true form… hidden from everyone else as it seemed that he needed to eat human hearts to survive. Preying only on those who had done wrong and were imprisoned. It was during this period of his life that he realized that the one who made him the creature he is today had managed to not only perfect the ritual used, but had mass produced the beasts. It was also a fact that he hadn’t realized, but a bite from the beast can infect a human or other creature to become a beast.

Several decades later  the “wolf war” began. Lux of course, fought on the side of Elagrid as the senior, second-in-command Knight. Though he was a tad conflicted about killing those who were like him and perhaps hadn't chosen their current path, he had an obligation to his nation. As the months progressed, they seemed to be winning against the wolves until something happened and they began to battle Capralorn.

It was during this separate war that he witnessed the death of his mentor and current knight-commander, Gaius Tullius. With his dying breath, he performed the rites to name Lux as his successor. While he would still need to have the official meeting with the king, the belt that he was given was more than enough proof.

Now an official Knight Commander, Lux would continue to aid in the war efforts until the eventual end of the war. As with all wars, there was no true victor, just death. Lux would train up his knights and would breed one of the strongest iterations of the guild in history. After the peace of three hundred years,  and one rather interesting knights tourney in Elagrid, the currently Oldest and longest standing Knight Commander was still in power in Elagrid and was continuing to train his knights and defend his kingdom.

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Lux, The White Wolf Empty Re: Lux, The White Wolf

Post by Magnus Mist on Wed Jun 21, 2017 12:38 pm


Go ahead and be a spoopy Knight Commander.
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