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Post by Kenshin on Mon Jun 05, 2017 2:23 am

Kenshin Balthier Sba1bwb  

Name: Kenshin Balthier
Nicknames: Lord of Darkness, The Eternal Silencer
Gender: Male
Age: 387 (33 physically)
Birth Place: Tonlas
Currently Living In: Tartius-Tor
Race: Vampire (Formerly Human)
Religion / Beliefs: In the eyes of Kenshin there is only one true god, Enos, The Lord of the Underworld. Enos is the god that is said to rule over the souls of the living, and as such is the god that is most associated with the concept of death, the one true fate that all living creatures share.
Blood Type: AB Positive

Height: 6'2
Weight: 220lbs
Frame / Build: Mesomorph
Hair length: Hair reaches his shoulder blades
Hair color: Ebony
Eye shape: Deep-set almond eyes
Eye color: Vermilion, Slit pupils
Complexion: Extremely Pale
Face size (broad, narrow, etc.): Oval
Voice type: Deep
Tattoo(s): -
Scar(s): -

Personality: Kenshin is an extremely cold, calculating and cunning person, someone who see’s everyone around him as nothing more than chess pieces for him to move and manipulate in order to accomplish his goals. He is an extremely twisted and sadistic individual who holds not even the slightest regard for life, be it human or otherwise, life means nothing to him and killing is as familiar to him as breathing. Kenshin can also be an extremely charismatic person when he wishes to be and he knows it, he generally uses this natural charisma of his to lie and manipulate others into performing actions that are beneficial to him, but sometimes he simply manipulates others for his own twisted amusement. The ancient being is extremely confident in his own abilities, not to the point of arrogance, but he still possesses an almost unnatural confidence in his own abilities.

Kenshin loves fighting above all else: the sights, the sounds, even the taste of his own blood, yet despite that he is very disciplined in a fight, he never allows himself to lose control in a fight nor does he let his failed plans or attacks upset him, he does not allow an enemy's superior numbers or superior power to intimidate him, because he knows that numbers are not everything as well as that a single opening is all that it takes for the tables to be turned in a battle. He is also willing to do whatever it takes in order to ensure that he wins a fight, even if those actions are extremely dirty and underhanded, if that means that he has to throw a handful of dirt or sand into his opponents eyes then so be it, if it means that he has to take a few cheap shots then he will do it with a smile on his face, because unlike some others Kenshin would rather live with his honour dragged through the dirt than die with it intact.
Occupation: Silencer, Kingdom of Vandale
Tier: 1-3
Strengths: Spiritual Energy, Spiritual Pressure
Weaknesses: Strength, Durability

History: Close to 70 years after the close of the second era a particular child was brought into the world, this child was birthed in darkness and raised in shadow. The child was known as Kenshin, the son of Mavis HIghwind and Noctis Balthier, two of the Assassins in the still relatively young Assassins Guild. The child called the Assassins Guild of Tonlas his home from the moment that he was born, he grew in the darkness, nurtured and molded by the killers that lurked within. Noctis was the son of the Silencer of Tonlas, Nazga Balthier, who in turn was the son of one of the most reviled men in all of recorded history, Malius Balthier, the man who lead the guild known as the Bleeding Dusk. Malius and the Bleeding Dusk had lead an army of the undead to war with the five kingdoms, bringing them all to the verge of annihilation before finally being slain by combined might of the Archmages and Knight Commanders of the realm. After the ‘Blood War’ Necromancy was declared a forbidden magic, all recorded knowledge of the magic was systematically destroyed by the Archmages of the Mages Guild and all known practitioners were put to death by the Commanders of the Knights Guilds. Unfortunately for the Five Kingdoms and fortunately for Malius’s line they had no knowledge of Nazga, who disappeared into the many shadows of the world and helped to found the Assassin’s Guild.

With his ancestry was it any wonder that Noctis began Kenshin’s instruction on Necromancy as soon as he was able to read, and was it any wonder that the child of shadows took to the magic like a fish took to water. This was how most of Kenshin’s childhood was spent, in the shadows of the Assassin’s Guilt being instructed in the ways of Necromancy by his father and grandfather. Unfortunately though, all good things had to come to an end, and that end came when Kenshin’s mother Mavis was killed whilst out on a contract hunting one of the many priests of the church. When this news reached the guild and Kenshin learned of his mother’s fate he felt something that he had never felt before, not sadness or grief, but rage, complete and utter rage at the fact that his mother had been stolen from him by some filthy priest. Nazga used his grandsons newfound rage to his advantage and began to twist the boy's psyche even further, turning the boys burning desire for revenge against the priest responsible for his mother's death into a cold hatred for the church itself. Nazga would never truly understand the full consequences of his actions on that dark day, as he would have died long before Kenshin’s true desires and goals were made clear to the world, but he had unknowingly turned his grandson into a monster that would make even Nazga’s father Malius tremble in terror.

This monster wished to remake the world in his own image, and he saw only one way to go about such a thing, destroy the current world and rebuild from the ashes...and so it was on that day that Kenshin, the future Lord of Darkness was born. From that day forward Kenshin began to focus on his Necromancy with a new intensity, devoting almost every waking minute towards either his Necromancy or his Physical Training. This trend continued on for a great many years, until Kenshin was in his late teens, and that only stopped when his Grandfather Nazga finally departed from this world at the ripe old age of 73. The appointment of his father Noctis to Silencer of the guild was a shock to absolutely nobody in the guild, in their minds there was none better to lead the guild than the son of the previous master, but Kenshin felt quite differently. Over the years he and his father had drifted apart, with Kenshin blaming the man for the death of his mother, believing that if the man had been with her that day then she would not have been slain by the priest. The middle aged mans appointment to Silencer sickened the teen to the point that he requested to be transferred over to the Guild in Wintacast, and with a heavy heart Noctis approved of the transfer, in the fear that if he did not his son would begin to hate him even more than he already did.

Kenshin found that the change of scenery truly did wonders for him, he truly began to thrive in the halls of the Wintacast guild. His name was completely unknown to the public, and there were no rumors of him being spread in even the darkest of shadows, a feat that not many Assassin’s were able to pull of. To be completely anonymous within the Assassin’s Guild was a badge of honour that even some of the most experienced Silencers did not possess, as it meant that one had never failed a contract nor had there been any witnesses to their deeds. The Assassin in question was completely anonymous because all who had seen their true capabilities outside of the guild were dead. Many years later, when Kenshin was in his early thirties, he received a mission to kill a priest that was travelling through the Sorbrar Forest, a relatively simple mission and one that he would take great pleasure in accomplishing, as priests were his favourite type of target. Now, fortunately or unfortunately for Kenshin, depending on your point of view, the mission went horribly wrong, and the still relatively young assassin found his target torn to shreds by a creature that he had never seen before. The creature possessed unnaturally long fangs, pointed ears that were reminiscent of an elf, a pair of shadowed eyes and extremely pale skin. All in all the creature looked to be some new and strange type of elf, but the creature fought like a wild animal, something that managed to throw him off enough for the creature to bite him on the arm before he was finally able to kill it.

Upon returning to the guild and receiving his reward for a completed contract (since he felt no need to mention that it was not he who had slain the priest) Kenshin fell deathly ill, and he had no doubt that this sickness was the result of the strange creature’s bite. As the days continued to pass the strange sickness only continued to worsen, until eventually it progressed to the point that Kenshin’s heart was unable to beat any longer. When this happened though...something strange occurred, rather than dying like he had accepted...he rose, and he felt more powerful than ever. His senses were much sharper, his body quicker and stronger...and his magic more powerful, all in all Kenshin felt...good, very good, better than he ever had. He knew not what had happened to him as a result of his ‘sickness’, and after spending a few days researching he came up with nothing, there were no known reports of any creature like the one that attacked him, nor were there any known cases of whatever ‘sickness’ he had contracted. As a result of it his body had undergone a sort of transformation, his skin had become a lot paler than it had been before, his eyes had changed from a vibrant yellow to a deep vermillion, his pupils had become slits and his canine teeth had become fangs. All in all he looked a great deal more intimidating than he had before, but most importantly he FELT far more powerful than he ever had in the past, and to make things better all of the aches and pains that his body had been starting to feel as the years had progressed had completely faded away.

A few years after this Kenshin decided that it was time for him to head back to the Guild in Tonlas to meet with his father, the years having done wonders to get rid of any lingering resentment that Kenshin felt towards the man that had helped bring him into the world. When he arrived back though...he discovered something that he was not expecting, Noctis was dying, his old age and past wounds having caught up to him. The now old man was more than a little surprised when Kenshin walked through the doors of his chamber, at first assuming it was some type of hallucination, but a few words from Kenshin quickly dispelled that belief. The younger man had apologised for his immature behaviour back when he was younger, something that had lifted a great weight from the heart of the now 65 year old man during his final days. Even now Kenshin would say that those remaining days he had spent with his father had passed by too quickly, and before he knew it the old man had gone to join their ancestors in the next life. After his father's death Kenshin once again left the Tonlas Assassin’s Guild, his only reason for having returned in the first place having died, something that served to destroy the final thing attaching Kenshin to the place that he had called home for most of his early life.

A year or so after leaving the guild...something rather unexpected happened, he met a woman by the name of Mina, a simple baker who just so happened to be the niece of the mayor. She lived in one of the smallest towns he had ever come across, Lumbas Village, located on the borders of Elagrid and Vandale. There was nothing truly special about the woman, she was plain in almost every sense of the word...and yet, there was something about her that managed to draw the still relatively young Vampire in. For the first time in his life Kenshin felt that perhaps maybe, just maybe, there was a life for him outside the darkness. For close to a year Kenshin lived among those sheep with Mina, nobody there knowing who he was or what he could do, at least until the Necromancer felt that it was time to come clean to the woman that made him feel what nobody else could...but in the end that proved to be a mistake that would cost him dearly. She seemed to accept Kenshin’s past as that, his past, and for that Kenshin as only able to love her more, how strong must she have been to overlook the fact that he wielded one of the most reviled magics in all of the Five Kingdoms. But unfortunately for him...that had not been the case, so poisoned had the general populus minds been by the Vatican that they were willing to turn on those that they claim to love...and that was exactly what Mina had done, when he left one day to go hunting she had made her way to the nearest church to report a Necromancer in their village. Needless to say Kenshin was in for a rather nasty surprise when he got home that day, the sheer betrayal that he felt that day hurt him far more than even the most agonising of wounds he had experienced in the past.

But as the despair and betrayal passed through his system Kenshin began to feel something that he had not felt in years, not since the day his mother had died. The feeling of hurt and betrayal was replaced by a burning and all consuming rage...and this time there was nobody there that could rein him in, nor was there anybody that was able to stop him. The priests that had accompanied her back to their house had been expecting to deal with one of the many self trained Necromancers that had popped up over the years, ones able only to perform the simplest of spells, what they had not been expecting to face was the legacy of Malius Balthier. With the might of his Necromancy Kenshin ruthlessly slaughtered the five priests that had sought to end his life, much to the shock and horror of Mina, who had obviously expected Kenshin to surrender to the priests without a fight. She called him a monster as she attempted to flee the house...but Kenshin did not allow her to, she had betrayed his trust...and now he was forced to get rid of any loose ends that could jeopardize him in the future...loose ends like her and the people that he had come to know over the past year. Mina was the only one that he had killed personally, strangling the life out of the wench that he had grown to love, the act and her betrayal hardening his heart and plunging him even deeper into the darkness of the abyss. As Kenshin set his ghouls upon the village that he had called home for the past year he could finally see that there truly was nothing for him in this world, and his heart had been blinding him from that simple truth for far too long.

After that the years seemed to pass by in a flash for the ebony haired Vampire, oh that was something, his condition had been given a name over those years, Vampirism, and he was now apparently now a creature called a Vampire, something declared to be impure by the Vatican. Apparently the Species had began to rise around the same time as the Lycans, 3 or 4 years after he had been infected, but based on him that was obviously not true, the creature he had come across was known as a Feral Vampire, one that had not fed in over 2 months. So at the very least the species had been around for 3 ½ years before the Vatican had become aware of them, but then again, the books said that both species had begun ‘around’ 100 years after the end of the Second Era, so there was no true date, only a rough time period. Kenshin was bitten at the age of 33, and it had been 96 years since the end of the Second Era on that day, meaning that he was bitten a grand total of 4 years before the Vatican first learnt of the species. This meant that he was one of the first Vampires to have existed, something that made him feel a little least until he remembered just how he had come to have the condition. He personally found it funny, as shortly after the emergence of both species the lapdogs of the Vatican known as the Mages Guild had begun warring with the newly emerged species in the forests of each kingdom. How funny it was to watch those fools be slaughtered in droves by the new species, and how much more funny it was seeing them be infected by the very diseases that they were fighting, only to end up tearing their own comrades apart in the heat of battle as they finally turned.

But the true war did not start for many years...not until Kenshin decided to provide the spark needed to escalate the conflict a little...and how had he done that you ask, well it’s simple, he used his Necromancy to raise a few of the dead Werewolves and set them upon the town of Nalindal, and needless to say the undead beasts managed to butcher everyone within. It turns out that was more than enough to turn the relatively small conflicts into the forests into an all out war, a war that drew in a great many factions from all over the world...and gave the Lord of Darkness an opportunity to create even more conflict between the kingdoms. This was even more simple, all he had to do was use his Necromancy to raise one of the many dead Elagrid Mages, this particular mage having been skilled in Pyromancy, and used him to wipe out a group of Giants and Dryads that had managed to corner a few Werewolves before they would be detained. This or course managed to make all of the factions turn on each other in a battle that they now called ‘The Blood Forest Skirmish’. This of course was the first battle of the South Eastern War, and it was at this war's declaration that Kenshin would retreat back into the shadows of the world, it simply would not have been right for him to have been discovered before he could put his plans into action. As the centuries passed Kenshin kept himself busy by stoking the flames of war each and every time it seemed that peace between the kingdoms would become a reality, the Ancient Vampire would simply not allow the filth that lived in the light to grow, they would stay weak, and when the time came he would reveal himself and crush them all like the pathetic bugs that they were. The pieces were still being set, and until they were in place he would continue to amuse himself within the Assassin’s Guild, after-all...he was The Eternal Silencer, the ‘man’ who had lead the guild in Tartius-Tor for well over 300 years.


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