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Hunting a Beast [mission]

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Hunting a Beast [mission]

Post by Alucard on Wed May 31, 2017 9:11 pm

Alucard was traveling through the markets of Esblem when he noticed a paper fluttering its way towards him. Catching it, he would chuckle slightly. A Demons work was never done. He had returned to Esblem to pay his respects to his parents, the people who raised him and cared for him for over fifty years before their parting. He had a brother through blood once too, but he also passed. The memory of his family however lived on through his own great great grandchildren and his great great grandnieces and nephews. However, we are getting off topic, back to the paper. It seemed to be a quest form, it spoke of a large werewolf that had been spotted near the village far to the south. Rolling the paper up and putting it into his cloak, Alucard would begin to make his way to the aforementioned location.

As he walked, he was reminded of the last werewolf he met. A massive and feral beast, it had wandered into the marshes to the west of Vandale, on the border of Ganenmarsh. He had been hired to kill the beast and bring its head to Romalus. He of course did as he was asked. As it turns out, the werewolf was an escaped experiment that had been sanctioned by the Vatican and the Mage’s Guild of Vandale to study a living specimen. It had escaped into the sewers during an experiment and this was their attempt at tying up loose ends. He hunted the beast and managed to kill it painlessly, removing its head before it would have realized it was gone. Its body in fact, continued to run autonomously for twenty meters before collapsing, headless.

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