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3 quests for everybody

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3 quests for everybody

Post by Noah Atwood on Sat May 27, 2017 10:50 pm

Name: Taming the Forest
Rank: B Rank
Location: Any area that has a dense forest
Description: It seems that some mage has been experimenting on animals causing them to became mutated and dangerous. There are six beast in total that we need you to hunt, all wolves. They’ve had their strength and speed increased to that of tier 2-1. They are dangerous and have a pack mentality. Be careful, bring their pelts to a local inn and collect your reward.
Rewards: 500 Gold

Name: Magician’s Errands
Rank: D Rank
Location: Any capitol city
Description: A magician in the town has asked you to go around the city and collect a couple common items. He needs Gillyweed, often found by streams, wells, and other water sources; seven rat’s tails (you can guess where those come from), and 4 cat’s eye tears (no you sick freak these are not from real cats) a root that is often times planted by chapels to ward off evil spirits.
Rewards: 100 gold

Name: Spooky time after dark
Rank: B Rank
Location: Any major city
Description: It seems that some necromancers have been pillaging the graveyards around town to find some fresh corpses. We need you to go in the middle of the night and stop these mages. Be warned there are 3 of them in total, all 2-1 ranked. They can summon undead creatures of 2-1 and below to fight for them.
Rewards: 500 Gold
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