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Post by Alucard on Sun May 21, 2017 1:00 am

4-0 Novice:
4-3- You have just begun your journey. You might have discovered your magical nature or maybe you just picked up a sword, either way, you are at the lowest point of capability. You have little to no magical energy only capable of producing D-ranked spells and even those you lack the pressure to control. You have minimal strength, speed or durability.
4-2- Now you are really beginning to get a grasp on some things and are learning to be more proficient with your weapon of choice, or perhaps you are learning to wield some spells more proficiently. You have enough physical strength to lift something the weight of a modern day washing machine with a little effort and you have developed enough spiritual pressure to competently cast D-ranked spells.
4-1- This is the level that most people enter an apprenticeship or join the military. You have enough grasp on your skills that you know enough to learn a foundation. You have enough physical strength, speed and durability to keep up with the average human or monster.

3-0 Adept:
3-3- This level is one who has been training with a mentor or in the military for long enough to begin to show some promise. You have become proficient enough with your primary weapon that perhaps you have started to dabble with another. You might have also started to learn a few C-ranked spells now that your reserves of magical energy has grown.
3-2- You have learned to wield your secondary weapon enough that you can rely on it some should your primary fail, but not enough to be considered close to a master. Your spiritual pressure has grown enough to use C-ranked spells much easier and you have the physical strength to lift a modern day car with effort and the speed to outrun it.
3-1- By now you have gained recognition in your area or perhaps just localities within your kingdom have noticed you. Your skill with your secondary weapon have reached the heights of proficiency and your physical abilities have reached that of almost inhuman.

2-0 Expert:
2-3- You have gained not only recognition throughout your kingdom but perhaps another kingdom has noticed you. You might have also attracted the attention of a guild and can begin to be initiated into the group. Your magical energy is nothing to joke about and you can use B-ranked spells now with a little effort. You can physically uproot a tree with effort and your speed and durability have increased also.
2-2- You are a veteran of the military, truly one who has earned much respect and has probably earned the position of Knight. OR you have reached the highest level that your mentor or books can take you and must now head out to gain the proper experience so that you can take on a role of importance within the world.
2-1- You are one who is on the cusp of being able to lead a group or guild. Perhaps you just lack the experience of working under a guild head but by now you are a powerful ally. You have even started to train in maybe a third weapon or magic style and you are able to use B-ranked spells easily and even take on some A-ranked spells with effort. You are truly coming into your own and are almost a master at your craft.

1-0 Master:
1-3- You have now reached the level that perhaps you can take over a guild or start your own. You have become very well known throughout your kingdom and are recognized far and wide as a powerful person.  You can use A-ranked spells with minimal effort and can even use an S-ranked spell or two, though it takes a lot out of you. You have the strength to lift an airplane and speed and durability to match.
1-2- You are now in some position of leadership and are gaining followers who want to learn from you. You are a recognized person in your kingdom and are even recognized easily in at least one other kingdom. You have mastered the use of at least three kinds of weapons and are able to teach someone how to use any of the three with proficiency.
1-1- You have mastered the use of S-ranked spells and are able to use them much more safely now. You have also learned from at least two areas of magic and continued to train your weapons of choice. Your physical and spiritual characteristics continue to grow.

0-0 Legend:
0-3- You have been a leader of a guild for some time or you have been in a position of leadership for long enough to be recognized for your role. You are known throughout at least three of the five kingdoms and have established yourself well. You are strong enough to lift a modern day cargo ship and throw it with effort, your speed, durability and magical prowess have also increased significantly.
0-2- You are known throughout all five kingdoms and have established a name for yourself. You have mastered the use of at least three different weapons. Your physical and spiritual stats have continued to grow and you have almost reached the peak of your potential.
0-1- The absolute height of power. Your spiritual energy and pressure are off the charts and if left unchecked can decimate a small area around you.Even those 2-0 tiers below you are unable to sense the entirety of your power, your energy is beyond what they are currently able to fathom. You also have an insane amount of physical strength and durability able to withstand even an S-ranked spell, with some damage of course. You are also fast enough that those even -1-0 tier level lower often only see a blur and those lower can’t track you at all.

X-0 Divine
X-4- This is the level of a fresh spirit, that which those once considered Legends may reach upon becoming a spirit. You are much more powerful than you were as a "mere mortal", but still pale in comparison to a true deity. Your physical stats as well as your spiritual abilities have been heightened dramatically upon being given your new body. Your energy can now only be sensed by the gods or others who have attained this level through death. Upon being revived from a state of death by the Philosopher's Stone, you may keep this level of strength, but those above are not attainable by those tied to the mortal plane.
X-3- When you reach this level, you have attained a spiritual awareness and are able to call yourself a Demi-god, and are on the cusp of attaining true divinity. Your physical abilities are beyond that of the average Demigod, but again, pale in comparison to even a new deity. Your spiritual energy and pressure however have nearly doubled from the time you arrived and you are only a step away from godhood.
X-2- At this level, you have truly ascended and attained the title of god or goddess and are known as a Divine all through out the worlds of the afterlife. You are now able to wander between the mortal and immortal planes at your whim. your physical abilities and spiritual energies have doubled yet again and you are truly on a divine level. Though, as a fresh deity, you post little threat to one who has ascended to the fullest height of power.
X-1- This is the peak of even those of a divine nature and has doubled all of your energies and abilities again. Here you can boast control of ten types of magic and most likely claim command over a Mythic artifact, or other legendary weapon. By this time you have no doubt amassed a small following of worshipers on the mortal plain and have achieved the maximum level of Deification.

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Tier Descriptions  Empty Re: Tier Descriptions

Post by Alucard on Sat May 27, 2017 4:52 pm

In order to tier up, one must have posted a certain number of times per tier or done a certain word count in order to increase their tier. This does not stack, so after each rank up, go ahead and restart your count!

4-3: N/A

4-2: 12 posts/ 2,400 words

4-1: 14 posts/ 2,800 words

3-3: 16 posts/ 3,200 words

3-2: 18 posts/ 3,600 words

3-1: 20 posts/ 4,000 words

2-3: 22 posts/ 4,400 words

2-2: 24 posts/ 4,800 words

2-1: 28 posts/ 5,600 words

1-3: 30 posts/ 6,000 words

1-2: 32 posts/ 6,400 words

1-1: 34 posts/ 6,800 words

0-3: 36 posts/ 7,200 words

0-2: 38 posts/ 7,600 words

0-1: 40 posts/ 8,000 words

Divine Tiers:

X-4: Attained through Divinity (See Below)

X-3: Attained through 42 posts or 8,400 words

X-2: Attained through 46 posts or 9,200 words

X-1: Attained through 50 posts or 10,000

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Post by Beleg on Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:45 pm

Divinity, and How to Achieve It

To become a Divine Being, a member of the elusive X-Tier, one must first be at least 0-3. This is the bottom limit for the Legend tier of combat, and thus is made up of the strongest of mortals.

Next, you must have completed a single quest for a Mythic Artifact. It does not matter if you are successful or not, because the effort you have put in has brought you close to a shard of the divine, and has lit a spark of astral flame within your soul.

Finally, you must die. Upon the death of someone who has become a living legend, one who has tasted the power of the Divine, their soul will catch alight with astral fire and burn away it's mortal shell, leaving something far, far more powerful in it's wake. After this, you must write at least 1,000 words of your arrival in the afterlife, and the process of your mortal coil burning away. (Spoiler Warning: It's gonna hurt.)

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