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A batch of quests

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A batch of quests

Post by Noah Atwood on Thu May 25, 2017 8:30 pm

Name: Goblin Hunting 1/3
Rank: B Rank
Location: Elagrid
Description: There has been a sudden spike of goblins in the area. We need you to kill 10 goblins. They each have 2-3 tier in stats and use clubs as well as fire based magic. They attack in clusters which make them dangerous.
Rewards: 1,000 gold

Name: Goblin Hunting 2/3
Rank: A Rank
Location: Elagrid
Description: The goblins seem to be coming out in more force than ever. It is hard to keep them at bay. They’ve taken over a small village in the country side with a force of about 15. They are all 1-1 tiers. Kill them all and liberate this village
Rewards: 3,000 gold

Name: Goblin Hunting 3/3
Rank: S rank
Location: Elagrid
Description: The goblin king has shown his face. Himself along with a troop of nearly 20 goblins is stationed outside the capitol. They are all 1-1 and the king is 0-2. The main army uses clubs and swords with a few that practice fire magic. The king uses earth and fire magic and a massive claymore.
Rewards: 6,000 gold
Noah Atwood

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Re: A batch of quests

Post by Alucard on Thu May 25, 2017 9:56 pm

Approved, I dig!

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