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First Round of Quests

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First Round of Quests

Post by Alucard on Thu May 25, 2017 7:58 pm

Name: Defeat the beast
Rank: S
Location: Sorbrar Forest, Elagrid
Description: A werewolf was spotted within the forest west of Lefilia Village. It seems to be black with grey eyes. You are to defeat this beast and bring its head back to the village. The client of this quest is a member of the village. The werewolf is Tier 0-3 in the physical stats and is incapable of using magic
Rewards: 2,000 Gold

Name: Search for the Dragon Gem
Rank: S
Location: Vandale
Description: A shady dealer in Tartius-Tor wants someone to find him a rare gem. It is known as the Dragon Gem and is supposedly worth a lot of money. If you agree to delve into a crypt with him to find it, he agrees to give you a cut of the profits. Though, once you locate the stone, he turns on you and tries to kill you. He is Tier 1-1 and is highly adept at lightning magic. Once you defeat him, return to the city and get the gem appraised, you may then take the whole cut of the profits.
Rewards: 4,000 Gold

Name: Lost Boy
Rank: S
Location: Catacombs, Tartius-Tor, Vandale
Description: A young boy has lost his way within the catacombs and is under attack by two assassins. The assassins both wield dual daggers and have a tier of 1-1. One knows water magic and the other knows lightning. They are deadly efficient as a team. Once they are defeated, bring the boy back to your client, his parents.
Rewards: 2,000 Gold

Name: Trollsbane
Rank: S
Location: Dead Forest of Galulor, Galulor, Capralorn
Description: A troll has been spotted in the forests of Galulor. The massive creature the locals have named, Rahjin, lumbers out of the forest at night to eat the livestock of a nearby farm. The creature is nearly thirty feet tall and is 0-2 tier. It wields no magic, but dont let that fool you, its skin is resistant to all magic, but the most powerful Fire spells, (A-rank +). Once he is defeated, bring his head to the town of Galulor to claim your prize
Rewards: 2,000 Gold

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