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Post by Noah Atwood on Thu May 25, 2017 12:45 pm

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Name: Noah  Atwood
Nicknames: The Frozen Mage of Elagrid The Trickster Mage, The Guardian of the Poor, The Foolish Mage.
Gender: Male
Age: ~260-270
Birth Place: Capralorn
Currently Living In: The Kingdom of Elagrid, based in the capital city of Del Nalfeen
Race: Seraph
Religion / Beliefs: No set religion though he does show a great deal of compassion to all beings that walk a path of kindness, even those that have been forsaken by the light.  
Blood Type: N/A his type of blood does not seem to show the signs of the blood types that are found in the world. Perhaps it is due to his blood being so ancient that type has gone extinct or perhaps his divine ancestry has some sort of influence on it. It does act like type O- in some aspects, others can take it but only in small quantities at a time.

Height: 6 foot, 3 inches
Weight: ~190 pounds
Frame / Build: Lean
Hair length: Long
Hair color:  White
Eye shape: Normal
Eye color: Blue/Violet
CompNoahion: Paler/Average
Face size (broad, narrow, etc.): Heart shaped
Voice type: Soft and almost feminine
Tattoo(s): Two archaic symbols on his back shoulder blades where his wings would emerge  
Scar(s): N/A

Perhaps the most bubbly and charismatic Archmage out there, Noah has earned himself the title “The Foolish Mage”. Often times throughout history he has taken many students under his wings and has always approached teaching through an art of fun and interest rather than sternness and discipline. This is not to say that Noah does not have a strong work ethic, he just will make it fun and engaging in anyway he sees fit.

Often times Noah can be found at a local orphanage, refugee center, or hospital entertaining the patients with his light magic skills. He has a deep amount of compassion residing in him. He wants to see all children of this world smile and enjoy life. Often times he is scolded by the Priest and the Church for his rather open acceptance of all beings. Vampires did not wish this curse upon them nor more than the beggar wishes to be poor. A being, no matter of what origin, that shows that they wish to better themselves and the world around them will always find a friend and ally in ANoahander.

Being one of the oldest beings in the Kingdom, he is often times sought as counsel for the nobility and other guild masters. While he does not mind to offer his guidance, he often times does this in riddles or in a vague sense. He does not want to flat out give the information, if he does that then a person will never learn. Plus he enjoys to see what sort of decisions that they may make in the process.    

Occupation: ArchMage
Tier: 0-3
Strengths: Spiritual Pressure/ Spiritual Energy
Weaknesses: Strength/Durability

Roughly 50 years after the country of Caparalorn banned the use of fire magic a golden child was born into this world. His mother and father were both human though the miracle they brought into this world was far from that. In a small village, in a neutral territory of the world this gift from God was brought into the world. Upon his birth the midwives notice the twin pair of angelic runes dotting his back, a full head of snow white hair, and eyes that seemed to change from violet to blue whenever the light shone on them.

At a young age his parents noticed that the boy had a gift, it seemed that the light around him just swayed to his emotions. When he was happy or excited it became as bright as the sun while anger in the boy caused a darkness to engulf the area around him. In his small village he was thought to have been both blessed and cursed, depending on who you asked. Seeking a better understanding for the boy his parents moved to a nearby country known as Elagrid.

A few years after being in this country the boy’s gifts were noticed by the mages of the major towns. He was quickly offered an apprenticeship with a particularly famous wizard, a older lady that held the kingdom’s title of Arch-Mage.  Under her guidance the boy’s gifts grew and blossomed like a flower in the spring. His gifts under the elements of light and water were beyond compare.

While he was roughly the age of thirty-five his body seemed to never age past that of a young 20 year old male causing his divine nature to be questioned even further. After seeking guidance from the Vatican of the country he learned that he was no mere human, his gifts of light magic and seemingly ageless body assured that, he was in fact a mythical being known as a Seraph.

As time passed his master was called to a summit between the country of Elagrid and that of Vandale. He was invited to attend the historic meeting between the two great nations. It was here that they signed a pact that the two would be allies, thus a wave of peace washed over the two countries. He would continue to hone his magical arts and as his master faded into the next life he would take up her mantle as Arch-Mage of Elagrid.

During the next few hundred years Noah would spend time training a multitude of mages in the arts of magecraft. He would also focus a great deal of attention on creating orphanages, hospitals, and refugee centers so that the people of Elagrid would always have a place to call home, a mindset he inherited from his mother. During this age he is oftentimes found not only in Elagrid but in neighboring countries doing diplomatic missions and traveling. While he is known throughout all Elagrid and most of the surrounding nations, his face is really only recognized in Elagrid and other nations just know him as the Frozen Mage of Elagrid.

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