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Archmage Spell List of Air Spells

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Archmage Spell List of Air Spells

Post by Magnus Mist on Thu May 25, 2017 12:03 pm

Name: Malestrom Winds
Type: Air
Rank: S
Description: The user summons winds in a massive circle around them. The winds go around and around in about a 50 foot radius, and are going roughly 160 miles per hour. These winds are sharp enough to tear about armor up to an S rank, and still beat on S rank armor.
Cost: 4,000 gold.

Name: Gale Force
Type: Air
Rank: S Rank
Description:  The user summons a massive tornado of wind and sends it like an arrow to wherever they wish. The winds can cut through trees, and most armor under an S rank, and it dents S rank armors; though the damage doesn't go through.
Cost: 4,000
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