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Weapon and Equipment System

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Weapon and Equipment System

Post by Alucard on Sun May 21, 2017 12:59 am

Weapons and equipment are ranked just like spells based on power and strength. Of course, the more powerful your Weapon or Equipment, the more it will cost, so be prepared to cough up the coins! Both Weapons and Equipment can be enchanted to gain magical properties. They can only handle a single enchantment and this also doubles the price. So make sure the enchantment is worth it!


Weapons are ranked based on a few things. The weapons Durability tier which can range from 4-3 all the way to 0-1. This tier however cannot go above your characters base tier. Meaning a 4-3 warrior cannot wield a 0-1 blade. But, neither can a 0-3 warrior wield a 0-2 blade.

Weapons are also ranked based on their enchantment. If you add an enchantment to a low tiered weapon, it could still be considered S-rank depending on what enchantment that is. Now, there wont be a list of enchantments yet, but this could change depending on what people try to create. Weapons will be approved on a case to case basis and staff will offer a rank and price for your weapon based on the criteria above. If staff says no to an enchantment, DO NOT ARGUE! Just say okay and move on!


Equipment is a bit more complicated than weapons, in that it is broken down into two groups: Items and Armor. Both of these things are listed as Equipment but differ in cost and rank assignment. The price and rank are still assigned by staff based on your description given. DO NOT ARGUE!

So First we have Items which can be used for various purposes and with various enchantments depending on rank. Also, to be clear, Items are things such as, but not limited to: (Books, Torches, Staves, Crystals, etc.)

Next, are the Armors. These are used for protection and aren't much use for anything else. There are two types of armor: Heavy and Light. They differ in bonuses. Light Armor offers a +0-1 tier bonus to durability. Heavy armor offers a +0-2 bonus to durability at the cost of -0-1 tier in speed. Armors can also be enchanted.

(NOTE** Armors and Items can only hold one enchantment! So make sure not to try and squeeze two in there!!)

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