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True Facts About Beleg (OOC Funny List)

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True Facts About Beleg (OOC Funny List)

Post by Beleg on Thu May 25, 2017 12:53 am

Fact #1: Indomitable, Beleg's warhorse, is a complete and utter asshole. Efficient, but an asshole.

Fact #2: Eleven inches.

Fact #3: Beleg has a rather unusual dislike of geese, often claiming that they are the "REAL demons."

Fact #4: When asked why his wings are black instead of the normal white portrayed by most Seraphim, Beleg will typically tell some wild tale instead of just admitting that his wings are more like a raven's than a dove's. They are, however, unexpectedly soft.

Fact #5: Don't ask why his war horn is engraved with six squirrels and a wolf. It's...just best to leave it be.

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