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Fire Spells

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Fire Spells

Post by Alucard on Wed May 24, 2017 7:25 pm

Name: Hellfire
Type: Fire
Rank: S
Description: using both hands, the user launches forth a true hell on earth. It spans a width of 100 meters and can travel up to 50 meters. It is almost always white hot but in some cases, the fire has been black as night. It is capable of burning anyone with a durability tier less than the casters spiritual pressure tier.
Cost: 8,000 gold

Name: Blazebolt
Type: Fire
Rank: A
Description: The user launches a ball of fire from their hand that is around a foot in diameter. This ball of fire travels nearly 20 meters before exploding with a blast radius of 10 meters.
Cost: 3,000 gold

Name: Heatwave
Type: Fire
Rank: B
Description: Cast when the user swings their arm in a slashing motion, sending a wave of fire around a meter long forwards. This can slice through trees and some weak armors. It can only travel forwards 10 meters before it dissipates.
Cost: 2,000 gold

Name: Sun Beam
Type: Fire
Rank: C
Description: The user creates a beam of concentrated fire that is sent at the opponent. This beam is capable of burning those with equal or lesser durability than the casters spiritual pressure. It usually appears to be around half a meter in diameter and travels up to 10 meters in a straight line. It is typically white hot but can come in many shades of fire.
Cost: 2,000

Name: Gout
Type: Fire
Rank: C
Description: The user sends forth a stream of fire from their hand. This stream is roughly two meters long and six inches in width at the end.
Cost: 1,000 gold

Name: Body Heat
Type: Fire
Rank: D
Description: Using their spiritual energy to create heat inside of themselves, the user is able to survive in harshly cold climates easily, such as those in Hilnadreg Peak. They are also able to control the tempratures (heat-wise) their skin can handle that allows for survival in extreme heat areas. Such as the inside of a volcano.
Cost: 1,000 gold


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