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Some Dragon spells

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Some Dragon spells

Post by Alucard on Wed May 24, 2017 7:12 pm

Name: Partial Ascension
Type: Dragon
Rank: B
Description: The user is able to form a certain aspect of their dragon forms and with these, come boosts depending on what is manifested. Things that can be manifested include:
Dragon claw- the users arms are covered in scales and they grow claws. The general appearance of these is up to the user. They gain a +0-1 tier to strength.
Dragon tail- the user manifests a tail sized down to fit their natural body. This tail has +0-1 tier durability than the user and can be used in combat as a weapon or a shield.
Dragon wings- the user manifests wings on their back to enable flight. The general appearance of the wings is u to the user.

While these transformations cost less than the full ascension, they are no less taxing on the users body and with time can sap the users energy completely.
Cost: 3,000 gold

Name: Dragon Breath
Type: Dragon/elemental
Rank: C
Description: The usr channels their dragon and elemental type magic to breathe a stream of whatever their element is at their opponent. This stream covers 10 meters in diameter and 20 meters in distance.
Cost: 2,000 gold

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