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Post by Alucard on Sun May 21, 2017 12:58 am

Magic is a rare form in the world, decayed after thousands of years of misuse and now is only passed down family lines. The key factor of magic is Mana, which is the magical energy a creature has. The amount of mana you have determines how many spells you can cast before you pass out or die. There are two levels of mana, each add together to form the "total mana pool"(TMP). The first level, is "Primary Mana Pool"(PMP) which is the pool that most spells will draw from. When you run out of mana in this pool, you draw from your "Reserve Mana Pool"(RMP). When you dip into this pool, your spell will be cast, but afterwards you will be rendered unconscious until you regain 50% of your "Total Mana Pool". Should you use a spell that depletes ALL of your Mana from both Mana pools, you die.

Each Player starts with 500 PMP and 300 RMP.

You gain +200 to each level per Tier.

Magic is obtained in one of two ways, either by purchasing a spells tome for gold, or by training and learning something on your own. The price of each spell varies based on the abilities granted by the spell itself, while training of the spell is based solely on rank.

D-rank: 200 words/1 post
C-rank: 400 words/2 posts
B-rank: 600 words/3 posts
A-rank: 800 words/ 4 posts
S-rank: 1,000 words/5 posts

It should also be noted that the above post counts are based on a minimum word count of 200 words per post. This will be monitored and if one fails to meet even the minimum requirements, they may be denied access to the spell they posted for.

Below will be listed the "Mana cost" requirements for each level of spell.
Note: These are the minimums, and certain spells may need to exceed these levels.
Note:: Also note that if a spell requires an "upkeep", meaning that is lasts longer than one post, then the ENTIRE cost for the spell must be held for the duration. Meaning if you have an A-rank spell with an upkeep, that 500 Mana per post until the spell ends.

D-rank: 50 Mana
C-rank: 100 Mana
B-rank: 300 Mana
A-rank: 500 Mana
S-rank: 700 Mana
X-Rank: 1,000 Mana

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