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Magic System

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Magic System

Post by Alucard on Sun May 21, 2017 12:58 am

Magic Types

Fire- using fire to attack and burn enemies
Earth- using earth to attack enemies or defend yourself
Water- using water to attack enemies or to breathe underwater
Air- using air to attack enemies or fly
Lightning- using lightning to attack or stun enemies.

Polymorph- Allows you to transform into an animal or object of equal or lesser size than yourself.
Enhancing- adds +___ Tier to one of your physical stats for a limited time
Enchanting- adds +___ Tier to your weapons stats for a limited time

Healing- Using magic to heal oneself or others to varying degrees
Plant- The ability to control plants to a degree, Like using vines to capture an opponent or wooden constructs
Animal- The ability to manifest and cooperate with a personal animal familiar.

Light- The ability to control light to a degree allowing you to render yourself invisible or creating solid light weapons to use that cause burn damage.
Alchemical- The deconstruction and reconstruction of inorganic matter under the law of equivalent exchange.

Necromancy- Summoning forth and controlling the undead or other evil creatures
Shadow- Controlling the shadows to hide oneself or solidifying them to bind or attack
Dragon- The ability to take on the form of a dragon. The size depends on your tier. This can increase all stat tiers by up to +0-3 depending on spell rank. It is only obtainable through ingesting a dragons blood.

Illegal Races or conditions:
Demonic- The Demon race is widely viewed as evil and unholy, therefore if discovered it is seen as an unholy race in need of enslavement or execution.
Vampirism- When one has been bitten by a Vampire they become a creature of the night themselves. Instant weakness to Light, Fire and Healing Magic. They gain a slight healing factor and +0-2 to one stat area
Lycanthropy- When one has been bitten by a Werewolf they become a beast themselves. During a Full moon, you transform into a beast with +0-2 to all physical stats. With 1,000 Words of practice, you may learn to control your transformations to happen whenever you want and with every additional 500 words, you change your transformation to cooldown ratio by one point either way with a maximum of 10-2.

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Re: Magic System

Post by Alucard on Wed May 24, 2017 11:23 am

Some Magic Types are reserved for members of a specific race. Below are the race and its specific magic type. These magic types are ONLY able to be used by the specified race.

Human- Alchemy

Dark Elf- Polymorphing

Wood Elf- Animal Magic

Dryad- Plant Magic

Demon- Shadow Magic

Seraph- Light Magic

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Re: Magic System

Post by Alucard on Wed May 24, 2017 6:38 pm

Most magic is learned by purchasing scrolls containing the spell you want to learn, but some must be obtained in other forms. The above types of magic are only available to the race listed with them.

Necromancy: Is only able to be learned from the wilds of Capralorn in the Assassin's guild located there. One does not have to be a member, they just must pay the right price.

Dragon: Dragon magic is only available to those who have visited Ridbrad and trained under a Fabled Dragon there and drank of its blood. You must drink its blood to be able to use the magic, you must then roll a dice to see if you are taken over by bloodlust for 5 posts or if it syncs with you naturally. If you roll a 30 or lower on the dice, you lose yourself to bloodlust.

(NOTE: ONE MAY ONLY LEARN FROM 3 SUB-TYPES OF MAGIC! (e.g. Fire, Water and Air. or Plant,

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Re: Magic System

Post by Alucard on Sat May 27, 2017 4:47 pm

As for the use of magic in combat. Each Tier allows you to use a certain number of spells from each rank before you must take a break from casting to recharge your energy.

If you have a weakness in Spiritual Energy, you must decrease the number of spells you can cast of each rank per tier by 2. If your strength is in Spiritual Energy, you increase this number by the same increment.

If you have a weakness in Spiritual Pressure, you must increase the time per tier, it takes you to regain your energy. this time is increased by two posts per tier it is weakened.
Likewise, if your strength is in Spiritual Pressure, then the post count required to recharge your energy is decreased by the same increment.

Tier 4-0
10 D-rank Spells
4 post recharge

Tier 3-0
20 D-rank Spells
10 C-rank Spells
8 post recharge

Tier 2-0
30 D-rank Spells
20 C-rank Spells
10 B-rank Spells
(Once you get to 2-1, you may cast 5 A-rank Spells.)
10 post recharge

Tier 1-0
40 D-rank Spells
30 C-rank Spells
20 B-rank Spells
10 A-rank Spells

At Tier 1-2 you may cast 5 S-rank Spells and at Tier 1-1 you may cast 10 S-rank Spells
12 post recharge

Tier 0-0
60 D-rank Spells
50 C-rank Spells
40 B-rank Spells
30 A-rank Spells
20 S-rank Spells

15 post recharge


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Re: Magic System

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