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Way of the Dragon

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Way of the Dragon

Post by Beleg on Wed May 24, 2017 6:56 pm

Name: Draconic Ascension
Type: Dragon
Rank: S
Description: By channeling the dragon blood coursing through their veins, the spellcaster changes themselves into what could be considered their true form, one of the legendary beasts from which they draw their power. The size of your transformation is related to your tier, but coloring and form is custom, and the power granted by such a change is the same. Each of your stats gains +0-2 for the duration of the spell, and you gain the ability to fly and breath dragon breath (Dragon Fire, Lightning Breath, ETC.) once every two posts without additional cost. This spell lasts for as long as you have energy to keep it up, however, it becomes increasingly more taxing the longer you have it active.
Cost: 8,000 Gold

Name: Dragon Fire
Type: Dragon/Fire
Rank: S
Description: Drawing upon the power that sings within their blood, the spellcaster breaths in air, and exhales an inferno spreading fifty meters outward and twenty across that burns everything in its wake. These flames reach the temperature of the sun before tapering off, leaving only devastation in their wake.
Cost: 6,000 Gold

Name: Dragon Hide
Type: Dragon
Rank: B
Description: By channeling the power of their blood, the spellcaster thickens their skin and grants themselves a +0-1 to defense for three posts.
Cost: 3,000 Gold

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