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Spell Creation Template

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Spell Creation Template

Post by Alucard on Wed May 24, 2017 5:57 pm

Name: (What is the name of your spell?)
Type: (What type of magic is it? Also name what Sub-type it falls under.)
Rank: (What rank is it? This is a measure of the overall power and cost of the spell.)
Description: (What does it look like when activated? What does it do? What do the effects of the spell look like? Be descriptive!)
Cost: (This is the cost of the scroll containing the spell. This is the price to buy the spell and is up to staff based on the rank of the spell listed.)



Spell Prices based on rank (up to staff per spell, this is just the levels it could be

D-rank=500-1,000 gold

C-rank=1,000-2,000 gold

B-rank= 2,000-3,000 gold

A-rank= 3,000-6,000 gold

S-rank= 6,000-8,000 gold


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