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World History

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World History

Post by Alucard on Wed May 24, 2017 2:13 pm

First Era:

The First Era was a dark time for Skyshard. The Humans had signed a treaty with the High elves, splitting the country in half. The other races were made to be slaves of the two leading Races. After around 150 years of slavery, the “lesser races” as they were called, revolted and escaped captivity and went their separate ways after the “Revolt of Exodus” spreading to create the five kingdoms known today. It was during this Era that the Knight's Guild and Mages Guilds came into existence.

Second Era:

The Second Era was relatively peaceful for the first 200 years. There were a few small wars between kingdoms over land and borders and such, but nothing major happened until the Guild known as “Bleeding Dusk” used Necromancy to effectively attack all five kingdoms with armies of the undead. It took the combined forces of the Knight’s Guilds and Mage’s Guilds, in addition to the regular armies of the kingdoms to not only survive the attack, but defeat the guild. This would come to be known as the “Blood War”. After this, the practice of Necromancy became a crime punishable by death on the spot. It was during this Era that the Assassin's Guild and Thieves Guilds came into existence.

Third Era:

The Third Era began with the mysterious beginning of Vampirism and Lycanthropy, starting in the forests around Skyshard about 100 years after the Second Era. No one knows exactly how it happened but they often blame anything supernaturally evil on Demons. The first Demon and Seraph were born in the Kingdom of Elagrid. It was shortly after this, that the Mage’s guild began warring with the Lycanthropes and Vampires within the forests of each kingdom. After around 50 years, there was full blown war. The war with the Werewolves was a long one, and many different factions were drawn in. It was during this war that a detatchment from Elagrid battling the beasts in Capralorn accidentally killed a few of the Giants and Dryads in a misfired attack. This led to a separate war happening simultaneously by the two kingdoms. The Werewolves were eventually defeated and Elagrid ended up winning the war, but tensions run high between the kingdoms even to this day. Also, Fire Magic is now outlawed in the Kingdom of Capralorn. 100 Years Pass.

Fourth Era:

The Fourth Era was catalyzed by the forming of alliances between the kingdoms. Capralorn remained unaffiliated, still licking its wounds from the “Wolf War” and the “SouthEastern War”. Elagrid and Vandale hold an alliance known as the “Covenant of the East” and Ganenmarsh has joined an alliance with Ridbrad known as the “Gold Mountain Pact”. It has been a little over 200 years since then, and all seems to be peaceful for the moment. Even Kingdoms not in an alliance with eachother are tolerant, but between a few factions, it seems like all there will be is a minor spark before war befalls the world again.

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