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Post by Magnus Mist on Wed May 24, 2017 2:04 pm

Magnus Mist(FIN) Aomine.Daiki.240.1689659  

Name: Magnus Mist
Nicknames: Protector of the Dark Elves, Artist of a Sort.
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birth Place: Tartius-Tor, Vandale
Currently Living In: Alurand, Ganenmarsh
Race:  Human
Religion / Beliefs: Lady Luck
Blood Type: O

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 140 Pounds
Frame / Build: Lean Muscle
Hair length: About down to neck, above eyebrows in front, Sometimes over ears on the sides.
Hair color: Black
Eye shape: Slitted
Eye color: Blue
Complexion: Sometimes he’s tan, sometimes he’s pale. Depends on the time of year.
Face size (broad, narrow, etc.): Pointed
Voice type: Monotone.
Tattoo(s): N/A
Scar(s): N/A

Personality:  Magnus is a man who considers himself strong. Strong enough that he’s often considered the Protector of the Dark Elves. He thinks those High Elves are pricks that need to chill. He’s allowed to chill where he is, because he’s far stronger than most think possible. Most think that should be possible.

Some consider him a sort of mystery figure. No one knows where he properly came from, and as far as most of them are concerned, he just appeared at the war to help win it. He's not considered a happy-go-lucky sort of guy, much unlike the leader of the Knights Guild.  He's always at this sort of intense existence.
Occupation: Archmage of Alurand
Tier: 0-3
Strengths: Magical Pressure/Magical Energy
Weaknesses: Durability/Speed

History:No one knows why or how he came about, but one day, a 15 year old man by the name of Magnus Mist appeared in a Elven-Ruled city and took it by storm. That, however, is not the start of the fateful adventure of a Mr.Mist.

He was, in fact born, Tartius-Tor, Vandale. There’s no disputing that.

Some even say he trained with a dragon.

That’s laughable.

It's, while not known, a true fact that he was once a part of the assassin's guild, but he left that a life a long time ago.

He had brothers, sisters, they all died one day when he was testing a spell.

It was a shame, sure, but that's no matter.

Though the time before 15 was shrouded in mystery, the time after the fact, is very well documented.

He entered one the magical contests that happen often. It was a bunch of champions and returning players, he was lucky to get in. That, however, would be the last shred of doubt anyone else had towards him.

He’d step into the first fight, and simply blasted the other mage with wind, and destorying the man as the wind hit.

It happened again.



That was a bloody night. They lost five seperate champions in one night.

He became a new champion, and was let into the academy shortly after.

His raise in power in the Mage's College, it's not exactly kept well track of. There are a few things that are certain about it.

He aced any tests people put in front of him.

He seemingly loved to battle, always willing to accept a magical battle. His magical power is niegh unmatched in the academy. He seemingly never got stronger, he just stopped holding back. It made him seem awfully dangerous.

He was known as a somewhat violent type, though that was just because he wanted to farther his research in magic.
Over the years, his research got grander and grander.

Grand enough that he made strides in magic spells.

Grand enough that the Elves respected his magic.

Grand Enough that he was given the position to archmage for his knowledge of magic, and his power.

He has been an Arch Mage for 2 years.
Magnus Mist
Magnus Mist

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Post by Alucard on Thu May 25, 2017 11:26 am


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