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Stat System

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Stat System

Post by Alucard on Sun May 21, 2017 12:57 am

There are five base stats: Strength, Speed, Durability, Spiritual Energy, Spiritual Pressure
Each one is of equal standing to your character Tier. (i.e. If you are a tier 2-1 then by default all of your stats are 2-1)

Now, upon creating your character, you are allowed to pick 2 strengths and two weaknesses. This isn't required but you must have at least one weakness per strength and you can only choose two.

If you have a strength in an area, you get +0-2 tiers in that stat. If you have a weakness in an area, you get -0-2 in that stat.

Strength: This is the measure of the raw physical strength of your character. How hard they hit, how much they can lift, etc.

Speed: This is the measurement of how fast your character is. This is measured in M/s or Meters per second. *NOTE: For reference, the average human runs around 7 M/s or 10 Mph*

Durability: This is how much damage your character can withstand before... well... dying. This works in tandem with the opponents strength tier, you must have even or greater tier to withstand an attack. Also, this runs on honor so try to be realistic. If your opponent cuts you with a sword, dont just ignore it and keep on fighting, act injured.

Spiritual Energy: This is the amount of Magical Energy you have to be used for casting spells and using magic. The higher your tier here, the more magic you have. All elven races and the Demon and Seraph races can sense Spiritual Energy.

Spiritual Pressure: This is both the potency and control of your magical energy. If you have a lot of control, your magical energy will feel much more powerful to those who can sense it.

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Re: Stat System

Post by Beleg on Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:23 pm


Advantage comes into play when a stat goes above Tier 0-1. It is designated by a plus sign, and is maximized at two points. It is only used when two individuals within the 0-Tier are in combat, and acts as an additional Tier of it's own.

As an example, let's say that Average Joe, with no Strengths or Weaknesses, is fighting against Mary Sue, with Strength as one of her strong points. They are both Tier 0-1, but Mary's Strength will be listed as 0-1++ for the fight. Therefore, she will have an advantage of +0-2 against her opponent.

Certain spells and items that enhance stats do NOT stack with Advantage, and whichever is higher will be used instead to determine a character's final stat level.

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