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Knights Guild of Ridbrad

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Knights Guild of Ridbrad

Post by Beleg on Wed May 24, 2017 12:10 pm

The legendary Knights Guild of Ridbrad is said to be home to the greatest warriors in all of Skyshard. To be accepted as a squire to any of the knights that make Hilnadreg Peak their home is said to be one of the highest honors of any of the Kingdoms, and Knights Guilds in other lands often refuse to take quests where they might come into conflict with these storied figures.

Guild Hall: Frostspire; A luxurious mead hall made from rare and exotic wood and stone, it sits atop Hilnadreg Mountain watching over all in existence, keeping constant vigilance. The private quarters of the members of the Knights Guild can be found underneath, carved into the very mountain itself.

Commander: Beleg Mahariel




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