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Occupation System

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Occupation System

Post by Alucard on Wed May 24, 2017 11:18 am

There are many different occupations one may have within the world. Some are members of specific Guilds or hold a position of power or prestiege. Some are just wanderers looking for a home or adventure. Below are the different occupations one may have. These can change over time as your character develops, but you may only have one at a time.

Wanderer- Someone who isnt affiliated with a Guild and doesnt hold a real position of authority in any kingdom and as such is free to go and come as they please.


Trainee- someone who has just joined a guild, they are the bottom of the totem pole in any guild.


Squire- You have been promoted within the Knight's Guild and are officially in training to become a Knight.

Knight- You are a Knight of the Knight'sGuild and hold a position of high authority within the guild. You are usually put in charge of small squads of Squires within the Guild for training and missions.

Commander- You are the highest ranking officer within the Knight's Guild. There are only five people of this position in the entire world.


Apprentice- You have been promoted within the Mage's Guild and are officially in training to become a Mage.

Mage- You hold a position of high authority within the Mage's Guild. You are often put in charge of a small class of Apprentices to train in magic and take on missions for the Guild with.

Archmage- You are the highest ranking mage within the Guild. There are only five Mages in the world that hold this position.


Pickpocket- You have just been initiated into the thieves guild and are just in the process of proving your worth to the Guild.

Thief- These are the main force of the thieves guild. They take on the more difficult jobs and even take on the lower ranked members to show them the ropes.

Shadow Walker- This is the Guild Master of the guild. The most talented thief in the kingdom. There are only five thieves with this title in the world.


Bloodborn- You are a fresh initiate into the Assassin's Guild. You have completed your first contract and have been accepted into the Guild through blood. You are now in the steps of training to become an Assassin of the Guild.

Assassin- You are a fully fledged member of the guilds taking on the more high end contracts and also teaching the Bloodborn members the ropes. You also hold some responsibility of maintaining the guilds image and keeping loose ends tied up.

Silencer- The lead Assassin of the Guild. You take care and are in charge of any and all Assassins in the guild from Trainees all the way to full Assassins. There are only five Assassins of this level in the world.


Guild Member- You are a member of a minor guild created by someone. This level can include any minor roles within the guild. Someone with this rank is a member of a custom guild, but isn't the Guild Master.

Guild Master- This is someone who created a custom guild or runs a custom guild. They may have an official title within the guild but for simplicity's sake we have it labeled as Guild Master. Just make sure you specify any official title before you RP.


Priest- This is someone who is a member of the "Chapel of Del Nalfen" and has trained or is training to battle the various monster types in the world. These people are usually revered for their talent in Healing magic and are often welcome in any kingdom they visit with open arms.

Criminal- This is someone who has committed an act of criminality and is wanted in at least one Kingdom. This person is on the run and will be attacked if seen in whatever Kingdom they are wanted in if they don't pay their bounty.

King- This is the most esteemed title in all the lands. This is the King of each kingdom. There are only five people with this revered title and they are in command of each and everything that happens within their kingdom. Aside from illegal guilds or activity, the King is seen as the one in charge and is treated with respect wherever he goes whether a guild hall or a town.

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