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Post by Cadmus on Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:16 pm

Cadmus Caldwell [FIN] Saber.%28Diarmuid.Ua.Duibhne%29.full.2383661 

Name: Cadmus Caldwell
Nicknames: King of Illusions
Gender: Male
Age: 100
Birth Place: Xenocrates
Currently Living In: Sparta
Race: Demon 
Religion / Beliefs: Loyalty to the Gods
Blood Type: O

Height: 6ft
Weight: 175
Frame / Build: Slim/Muscular 
Hair length: Short and Untamed
Hair color: Black
Eye shape: Rounded Diamond
Eye color: Gold 
Complexion: Fair
Face size (broad, narrow, etc.): Narrow
Voice type: Smooth 
Tattoo(s): None
Scar(s): X Shaped Scar Across the Chest.


Cadmus is a man who leaks confidence from his body. He is perceived as arrogant when he is in fact calculating and observant. The young man is incredibly smart but for the most part play a dim witted and playful role. He has a tendency to take on things bigger than he can handle but views them as a challenge that could lead to a valuable lesson as long as he can survive. Cadmus is incredibly loyal if there is someone who is worth his time to trust. He yearns to protect the things he cares for while also not being hampered down by his consciousness when people threatens his loved ones. Since becoming an deity he has wished to search for the reason behind his sudden transformation and where did his powers come from. He has become hyper sensitive to anything involving deities and the secrets behind who his father is. Family is a subject that tends to enrage Cadmus as his mother was killed for the fact that she slept with a god. Cadmus holds get feelings of anger towards whoever his father is as he was abandoned.

Occupation: Solider of Sparda
Tier: X-4
Strengths: Spiritual Energy and Spiritual Pressure (Both +0-1)
Weaknesses: Durability (-0-2)


Cadmus had been born into the world approximately two time in his life. In both incarnations of his life he was born the son of Alucard the King of Hell and his mother would lose her life birthing him. Due to events left unclear by the hands of fate Cadmus both in his previous life and his current life has yet to know who his father is and due to him erasing himself from existence neither does anyone else know of this fact. Being born from Alucard meant that Cadmus was born a specifically rare species a Demi God. While that alone was rather an impressive thing this was not the only thing this child was born as. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time two pure blooded gods Alucard and Beleg where reborn into the mortal realm to live out a mortal life and help the world change for the better. In the process of doing so the man who had created the gods, their father Nytos had over estimated the power in which it would take to return a god to a mortal state. This would cause him lose control of the very powers needed to make his children be reborn as mortals. These powers were the power of creation and reality. Due to a disruption of the natural balance of the pure world, the powers were taken away from Nytos in an attempt to regain the balance of the world. These powers were gifted to normal mortals in who used them for various reasons. Nytos eventually caught onto this and order his Eldest Son to hunt down the mortals and retrieve the powers. Sparda would eventually notice that in the process of hunting down the mortals if they happened to die the powers would simply disappear and manifest into another mortal after a dormant period. Eventually the mortals who possessed the powers of reality and creation would find each other and attempt to fight Sparda on even teams. But this idea would still fail causing the wielder of the creation power to be captured and returned to Nytos. The wielder of the reality power would still perish but his power would be passed down once again but this time it was gifted to a child... His name was Cadmus Caldwell. Cadmus unlike other wielders of the reality power was different. Due to him being a half demi god the powers of reality to transform the child into that of a true god before going dormant until he would reach adulthood. Once his powers had awakened he was immediately discovered by Sparda who had chosen not to kill him because the boy had become a true god something none of the past hosts had ever been able to do before. Sparda had wanted to look into why he had become a true god but instead he would use this opportunity to have Cadmus work and learn under him for his own selfish reasons. Cadmus would be challenged into a battle that he was destined to lose which would forever make him remain loyal to Sparda. He would not find out what exactly Sparda wanted with him until the three god brothers would hunt down their father. This fight would be the one in which Cadmus first life would end. Shortly before his death Cadmus would somehow acquired the power of creation that once escaped Nytos alongside his power of reality. With the power of creation Cadmus was able to assure that he would be reborn once again in a different time and to do that he would need to wipe himself from existence. He would fade from everyone's memory excepted his trust master Sparda. Thus a thousand years later he would be reborn once again but in the process of being reborn he would lose the power of creation and his memories of his past life and the power of reality would be sealed inside him until the day that he would discover the truth behind who or better yet what he was. Cadmus The God of Reality... What will he do with this second chance at life? What will he learn and discover about his past, family, and powers?

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Post by Alucard on Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:41 pm


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