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Shin, Devil of the Homunculi

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Shin, Devil of the Homunculi

Post by Shin on Thu Dec 27, 2018 12:09 am


Name: Shin Rewera
Nicknames: Prometheus
Gender: Male
Age: 2,750
Birth Place: Mt. Olympus
Currently Living In: Scattered
Race: Homunculous
Religion / Beliefs: Atheist
Blood Type: All

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 194 Lbs.
Frame / Build: Lithe, Muscular
Hair length: medium
Hair color: black
Eye shape: Angular, Bored
Eye color: Grey/Black
Complexion: Relatively Tanned
Face size (broad, narrow, etc.): Narrow
Voice type: Deep, Raspy Baritone
Tattoo(s): None
Scar(s): None

Personality: Shin is pragmatic and stern. Hardheaded and hard working. You won't change his mind once its made, because he will not stop or give up until he achieves his goals. He will always push himself beyond what others around him are doing, even things that might be more difficult than he would care for. He always makes time to keep his body in peak physical shape. He works hard to be the best, anything less just isn't good enough. He feels that he and his people will serve a place in this world.
Occupation: Wanderer
Tier: 0-1
Strengths: Speed, Strength (X-3)
Weaknesses: Durability (0-3)

History: He was not born, he simply awoke. He awoke to a world of darkness and chill. Looking around he saw the walls and ceiling of the cave, but not the entrance. He searched for hours which became days to find his way through the maze of corridors and rooms of the cavern. Finally, another person appeared to aid him. Then another and another until there were hundreds of them. They all decided they needed to set up a camp to rest and resupply while they slowly worked their way through and out of the maze prison. None of the other's knew how they had gotten there either, only that they appeared. Several decades passed and the camp had quickly become a settlement. After several hundred years, they had learned how to use magic to run their machines that they had invented. By the time they were all tired and about to give up hope, one of them spotted the way out. Grabbing his family and personal belongings, he made haste towards the exit. Shin followed with him, being the last to leave the cave. They decided to go off in their separate ways from there, each eager to explore this new world and live to better opportunities.

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