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Post by Beleg on Wed May 24, 2017 10:25 am

Beleg Mahariel Beleg_10  

Name: Beleg Mahariel
Nicknames: Grimsever, Dragon of the North
Gender: Male
Age: 375
Birth Place: Del Nalfen, Elagrid
Currently Living In: Hilnadreg Peak, Ridbrad
Race: Seraph
Religion / Beliefs: N/A
Blood Type: O

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs
Frame / Build: Muscular
Hair length: Medium
Hair color: Black
Eye shape: Harsh
Eye color: Icy Blue
Complexion: Fair
Face size (broad, narrow, etc.): Angular
Voice type: Soft Bass
Tattoo(s): None
Scar(s): Two parallel along his upper back, where his wings manifest.

Personality: Beleg is typically relaxed and easy-going, quickly forgiving those who wrong him. This is not because he is too trusting, however. He is an amazing judge of character, and can often tell when someone is lying without even monitoring for changes in spiritual pressure. When meeting new people Beleg can seem a bit shy, but he really tries hard to force himself out of his comfort area. This, however, occasionally results in anxiety attacks, which really doesn’t help at all. He doesn’t have many friends, but he would die to protect those few he has. Whenever he’s around them, he can truly let his guard down, which is a rare thing for him.

While he does enjoy a good fight, Beleg is not one to waste time extending them. He dispatches his enemies quickly and hates long, drawn out battles. He has much respect for most of his opponents, and honors their valor before killing them so that they know he harbors no ill will. When a loved one is at risk or killed, however, Bele is utterly merciless and sadistic. While fighting against someone on an equal level, he will often escalate his reiatsu as the fight dictates so that he doesn’t exhaust himself, as not even he can withstand the full force of his own power. However, if an opponent is stronger than him, he will put his full force into his opening blows to harry his enemy’s advance and prevent them from using their own techniques.

Beleg, while he does have close friends, can sometimes lock himself in his quarters for hours at a time in an attempt to be alone. The loneliness that engulfs him is a result of his sense of duty and the self-sacrifices he makes for his loved ones. This misery he feels is all-consuming and he blames himself for anything and everything that happens to them. He is reluctant to break his code of honor even if ordered to do so.

When around women, the esteemed Seraph changes slightly. His aloof behavior becomes even more pronounced, and his judgment tends to err more often. He is a severe romantic, and will often attempt to woo those that catch his eye. He is undeniably straight, however, and this never wavers. Beleg's ideal woman varies, as he views each as a unique work of art, valued in their own way.

His training regimen is strict, involving both physical and emotional strengthening. Beleg spends several hours each day on swordplay, perfecting his form and assisting his already peerless skill. This routine hasn't changed once since his younger days, as he is very, very adverse to change. He will fight it with all his might, given the opportunity.

Occupation: Commander, Knights Guild of Ridbrad
Tier: 0-3
Strengths: Speed (+0-2), Strength (+0-2), Spiritual Pressure (Racial, +0-1)
Weaknesses: Durability (Weakness AND Racial, -0-3), Spiritual Energy (-0-2)

History: Beleg was born during the early Third Age in Del Nalfin, and subsequently was found on the steps of the Vatican. When the High Priests pulled him into onto the sacred grounds, they were shocked to find that the young babe's eyes glowed an unearthly blue and a small pair of feathery wings sprouted from between his shoulder blades. His ears were slightly pointed like an elf's, and his fair skin was unblemished despite having been in the sun for hours. He resembled perfectly the ancient scriptures depicting prophesied holy beings known as Seraphs, those chosen by the Gods as messengers and warriors.

As he grew, it turned out that he was more well-suited for the latter. They would attempt to have Beleg sit and learn the ways of the priesthood, believing that he could share their divine message far better than they could, but the first Seraph would find himself drawn to the clash of blades resounding from the Knights Guild of Del Nalfin. By the time he was fifteen years of age, he was considered the youngest and most talented knight of the realm. He was a talented mage, and attempted to expand upon those abilities during his travels, but nothing gave him more thrills than the clashing of blades, steel sparking against steel as two people bared their hearts to one another.

When he was in Ridbrad, he fell in love with the landscape, and felt as if he were home. The reason he had gone there in the first place was to learn from one of the fabled dragons that made the land their home, and he apprenticed under one of the oldest and most powerful along with a man his age that seemed to be his polar opposite. The two became fast friends, and when war struck it was with pleasure that he did so with his newfound brother. The werewolves in Elagrid and Capralorn had begun a vicious campaign against everyone, regardless of race, Kingdom, or creed.

It was midway through the war when an incident involving a pyromancer and a Dryad city occurred, and thrust Elagrid into a second front completely. Beleg began to become disillusioned with the country of his birth, but pushed on regardless in a campaign in the north. Priests were installed in every camp to heal the wounded, and to give the dead their final rights. One of those was a kindly woman who had been like a sister to him while in the clergy, and she always made it a point to speak to the knight. He didn't know if she would recognize him, as he hid his wings and left Eladrid to wander around fifteen years prior, but she knew instantly who it was. It was one of the few times he was able to truly smile during the later parts of the twin wars, and it was ripped from him all too soon.

A group of werewolves and Dryads attacked separately, yet simultaneously, and swept through the camp fighting with each other and with the half-sleeping Eladrid forces. Beleg himself woke to a shriek and walked in on his sister being mauled and violated, at which point he lost it. Dragon Magic is considered forbidden for a reason, and that is because to be able to use it you must drink the blood of a dragon. Dragon's blood changes those who ingest it. It gives them unimaginable power, but those of weak wills will lose themselves to their bloodlust. A master of draconic magic, such as Beleg, can quite seriously be considered a dragon in their own right. The next morning, when reinforcements arrived, they found Beleg standing in the midst of a field of corpses, covered in blood and holding a broken sword. They called him Grimsever, hailed him as an angel of death. Oh how right they were...

After the war, Beleg moved completely out of the Kingdom, going north to the peak of Hilnadreg Mountain. He beseeched the dwarves for the land, and for permission to start a Knights Guild. Having heard the legend of Sir Grimsever, they were quick to accept, and provided all of the rarest materials for him to build his Guild Hall on Hilnadreg Peak. A small town grew upon the slopes over the years, mostly for trade of weapons, armor, and ore, and a garrison was stationed there. The legend of the Dragon of the North grew as an utterly massive dragon was spotted, only to be seen having transformed into the Knight-Commander. It has been more than three centuries since the Guild was founded, and now they are considered the strongest knights in Skyshard. Their leader is said to be a legend from the past, something most historians and right-minded folk scoff at, but stories of Sir Beleg Mahariel still circle around taverns to this day, coming out in a drunken whisper only to be hushed by passersby.

After all, every legend is built upon a base of truth.

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Post by Alucard on Wed May 24, 2017 3:53 pm


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