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Post by Alucard on Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:59 pm

Surname: Rewera
Age: ~2,750
Crest: N/A
Kingdom: Scattered
Race: Homunculi
History: The Rewera family is the only known family of Homunculi to have left the labyrinth underneath Mount Olympus. They are led by their most powerful member, Shin. He is not only their patriarch but the original member of their family. Though, he has no idea how they came about or anything that led to their creation, he does remember waking up in the labyrinth and that more and more of his kin arrived later. They would grow and prosper their own little colony within their prison, not knowing what led to their confinement. Their seclusion from the outside world led to them growing in a more scientific manner, discovering science and magic but looking at them as one and the same. Several thousand years passed and one day, after using all of that time, or at least a majority of it, looking for a way out of their confinement, they found it. Once outside, they were greeted with a whole new world to explore, and as such they each went their separate ways, it was time for them to find their own destinies. 
Notable Members: Shin
Ancestral Spells:

Name: Cast: Mirror
Type: Reflection
Rank: D
Description: The user creates a disk no more than 5m in diameter that has a totally reflective surface. They are able to use this to cast other spells through. The user can create as many of these as they wish and may control them all telekinetically, though its an additional D-rank cost for each mirror created and the cost to control them each stacks.
Cost: 500 gold

Name: Reflect
Type: Reflection
Rank: D-X
Description: The user, making their body the focal point for the spell is able to copy their target when casting a spell and is able to use the same spell in return simultaneously. This applies to any spell used, but costs the same cost that the original user is paying.  
Cost: 10,000 gold 

Name: Refraction
Type: Reflection
Rank: A
Description: The user is able to transport themselves into any reflective surface and then can instantly move to any other reflective surface. 
Cost: 3,000 gold

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