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Legend: Gate of Olympus (Beleg)

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Legend: Gate of Olympus (Beleg)

Post by Beleg on Wed Dec 26, 2018 2:17 pm

Name: Gate of Olympus
Type: Legend
Rank: X
Description: The Gate of Olympus is an innate connection to the heavens passed from Nytos to Beleg, the ability to draw from the extensive treasury and armory of the gods no matter where they are. In essence, heaven is where the King is, instead of in one fixed place. When the Gate is opened, to the treasury, Beleg is capable of drawing anything he wishes from it as a luxury. This usage does not draw upon Beleg's pool of Mana, as it is no more strain on him than lifting a finger.

Opening to the armory, however, costs him Mana as if from an X-Rank spell each post. This is well worth it, however, as the Armory of Heaven contains every weapon ever created, and every weapon that shall ever be created. He is capable of using up to 32 of these weapons each post, each causing S-Rank damage. Opening the Gate further than twelve weapons, however, costs an additional X-rank spell cost for the post.
Cost: 16,000 Gold

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Re: Legend: Gate of Olympus (Beleg)

Post by Alucard on Wed Dec 26, 2018 2:28 pm

Good to go

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