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Beleg's Spell List

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Beleg's Spell List

Post by Beleg on Wed Dec 26, 2018 1:55 pm

Name: Divine Form
Type: Divine
Rank: X
Description: The Divine Form is accessible to anyone who has been recognized as a deity, and is unique to it's user. It is their true form, and any mortal NPC under Tier 1-3 who witnesses the release of such a thing will be immediately turned into salt, their soul burned away by godly fire. Player characters below said Tier who witness the release will take A-Rank damage for each post of exposure, while stronger NPC's and characters will take B-Rank damage. In their true state, a god gains +0-2 to all stats, with a maximum of Tier X-1+++. This draws upon one's Mana at an accelerated rate, with X-rank drain every post.
Cost: Free for Gods/Goddesses

Name: Domain Manipulation
Type: Divine
Rank: A
Description: Each God and Goddess is assigned a Domain, and using this technique they are capable of manipulating it to their whims. Each action drains Mana at A-Rank, however these actions can be as expansive as you wish within reason.
Cost: Free for Gods/Goddesses


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Re: Beleg's Spell List

Post by Alucard on Wed Dec 26, 2018 2:28 pm

Good to go

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