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Dreams of Daydreams

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Dreams of Daydreams

Post by Alucard on Mon Dec 24, 2018 11:01 pm

A lone man would wipe the sweat from his brow as he climbed ever higher into the mountains. He was on a mission and it was one that he would not fail. He was on a quest for his birthright, a gift from the gods so to speak. He glanced ahead and could see it just in the distance: The temple of Nytos. His many times removed great grandfather. It was said that one could commune with their ancestors here, and that's just what he intended to do. Rushing over to the cathedral entrance, he found the doors hardly holding together. He entered the main hall and approached the statue of Nytos sitting atop a glorious marble throne with an obsidian tiger resting at his side. In front of the statue was a strange design on the floor, made for blood offering and sacrifices. That's what he was looking for. He would kneel down on the pedestal and draw blood with the knife his father had given him at a young age. The blood would seep into the stone glowing a bit at its twinge of divinity before vanishing all together. That's when Achilles was rocketing out of his own body and into the heavens before plummeting back into the earth. When he opened his eyes he was staring at a massive black dragon. It didn't so much as blink before it jammed a massive claw through his chest and then set him ablaze with blue flames. When he awoke, he felt a voice speaking to him through his soul, "You have been given my eye and my arm, wield them wisely." with that, the voice faded away and he lost consciousness. He woke up back in his own home, unsure as to whether he just had a dream or a strange brush with reality warping.

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