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Siege of Syryen Valley [Plot Arc 1]

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Siege of Syryen Valley [Plot Arc 1]

Post by Alucard on Sat Aug 18, 2018 10:47 pm

Name: Siege of Syryen Valley
Rank: PLOT 
Location: Ganenmarsh, Syryen Valley
Description: The allies tracked one of the major generals of the Elven army to the Syryen Valley. They have besieged the valley for the past three months and it is time to make a move on the stronghold. It is during this battle that the Elven army releases one of its Colossus into the fray.
Rewards: 7,000 gold

The demon known as Alucard rose from his throne in Hell. He had received word that his father and brother had met and that he had been summoned to the mortal plane to aid in some battle. Obviously this wasn't a direct order and was merely a request so, in typical Alucard fashion, he waited a few months. He had faith that his brothers could handle it. He had met Sparda when he first arrived into the underworld, but the man was aloof and distant as always, so the two didn't get much time to catch up. Regardless, he had sent a few demonic scouts into the human world to do a bit of reconnaissance for him. The news they brought back troubled him, so he decided it was time for a dramatic entrance. The allies had besieged the stronghold that was Syryen Valley and are planning to make a move on an elvish general held there. He would arrive to render his aid to the troops. Swirling into a mass of shadowy flames he would vanish from his throne to reappear just next to the stronghold standing on a large tree branch. Looking out, he could see the allied camps all around the building and the elves keeping watch from the tall walls of the castle. It was time to bring hell to those bastards. He sent a shade to the man camp, they would know it was from him. It would instruct them to call all of their men back to the camp and to not come back out until instructed to do so. He waited several hours until all of the allied soldiers had retreated. He could see how confused the elves were, it was comical really, he would enjoy this. He saw them preparing to open the gates and rush the allies in some desperate attempt to kill them as they 'fled'. Vanishing and reappearing in the center of the soon to be battlefield, Alucard prepared himself. Forming a blade that appeared to be the same in make as his old weapon, "truth", he would watch as the gates opened and hundreds of soldiers stormed out. Rushing forwards in a burst of speed, he would plow through the first few, their bodies flying back and up at the same time as though a bulldozer had rushed into them. He sliced and diced and fired off a few solar flares to kill them, but they just kept coming. It was quite unusual, just how many elves had they stuffed into that castle? As he kept killing them, he felt a distinct rumbling coming from the ground. Looking out, he saw a Colossus burst through the castle gates. Forming a new battle plan he placed a hand on the ground and the remaining seven hundred troops and the massive beast were transported into his own personal hellscape. The men tried to run but the ground formed hands that gripped their ankles. The colossus seemed rather resistant to this, so he let it come. His eye manifesting the Mythic Artifact he achieved in life, the Eye of Chaos. Glancing at the charging giant, he let out a burst of magical energy that manifested as a burst of pressure right in the giants face. Its charge was thwarted as it slowed to a halt. That would seem perfect for Alucard as it began to rain. This wasn't normal rain however, it was raining blades. All the blades that Alucard had ever seen or thought of fell from the sky. There were hundreds of thousands, millions, billions and then many many more. When they finally did stop falling it wasn't because he had run out of them, but more so that he had simply cancelled out his spell as those caught in it were now dead. When he returned to the living world, there was a field of dead all around him and an empty castle with a weeping, scared little general hiding in one of its corners. He sent word to the allied general to move in as he teleported away to find his brothers and let them know what had happened. 


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