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Archangulus [Finished]

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Archangulus [Finished]

Post by Beleg on Mon Apr 30, 2018 4:31 pm

Name: Archangulus
Age of Race: Ageless; Born at the beginning of time.
Lifespan: ~2,000 years (Capable of Reincarnation)
Appearance: While hidden, they appear as a normal Human or Elven race, although they personify the standard of beauty for mortal culture no matter what form they are in. Their true forms are spectacular to behold, gifted with three pairs of wings and cloaked in holy fire. It is said that if a mortal is to look upon a Archangulus in it's true form their very soul will be burned away by the sheer beauty and power. This is an exaggeration for the most part, but if those more than two full tiers are to look upon them as they release they will immediately be sent to the Afterlife.

True Form:

Attributes: Archangulus are one of the original three races created by Nytos, those of Divine standing. They are inherently from the Pure World, and are capable of travel between all three realms. Whenever the World of the Living is threatened, however, Nytos chooses one of those among them to be born into the mortal world as a Seraph, forgetting their initial life and only remembering their purpose and basic information as to who they are. The eldest Archangulus and their Prophet, Beleg, is one of the Holy Trinity, the three triplets including himself, Alucard, the Lord of Daemons, and Sparda, the King of Nephalem.

Kingdom: Aligned solely to the the Afterlife and the Gods.
Standing: Considered generally a myth, they are not included in the Church's Canon. There are, however, stories of Archangulus appearing to wayward souls and providing assistance.

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