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Post by Sparda on Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:32 pm

Sparda [FIN] Tenor 

Name: Sparda, Son of Nytos
Nicknames: Elder, King of the Nephalem
Gender: Male
Age: 1,232
Birth Place: The Pure World
Currently Living In: The Pure World
Race: Nephalem
Religion / Beliefs: Nytos is the Chief god
Blood Type: O

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 180 Lbs.
Frame / Build: Slim, Muscular
Hair length: Shoulder Length
Hair color: White
Eye shape: Sharp. Bored
Eye color: Red
Complexion: Pale
Face size (broad, narrow, etc.): Narrow
Voice type: Smooth Tenor
Tattoo(s): None
Scar(s): None

Personality: Sparda is a serious spirit. He is the first creature created by Nytos with a purpose, though his purpose, and the purpose of those like him has changed throughout the centuries. Initially, he was created to act as a messenger for the gods, those in the Pure World to those in the Underworld and vice-versa. But, after Nytos began to allow mortals who died to come into the afterlife, his occupation changed from a messenger to a hunter. His new task was to hunt down spirits or even mortals who felt they could avoid the wrath of the gods. Initially, he had disliked being a messenger for the gods, he felt it was below him. But, he did as he was asked as it is what he was created to do. Once the gods created more Nephalem, his task switched more to management of the others than actually being a messenger himself. It was only after Nytos decreed that mortals who perished on earth could come into the afterlife that his job changed, and he changed with it. Within the first decade, there were mortals trying to sneak back to the land of the living for far beyond the grace period. Seeking to be with their family, or to seek revenge in their now more powerful bodies, or simply trying to continue the life they lost. It was when this started that Sparda and an elite group of Nephalem that he put together himself were tasked with hunting down and bringing into the afterlife any who the gods would will. This has been going well for the last many years. He was the best at what he did and he actually found himself enjoying it at times. It was only relatively recently that he discovered the feeling of dislike and possibly even jealousy. Nytos created the Demons and Seraphs to keep the peace on the earth in the land of the mortals while he and his brethren kept the peace in the afterlife. He had never felt this feeling before, as he had always been among the eldest of Nytos' children and he of course would always be Nytos' child, but since no one on the mortal plane knew of his existence, that title was unwittingly stolen by the first Demon and Seraph, Wrath and Justice. He would forever hold a distaste for them in his heart. Though in general times, he keeps a very cool and collected head, not showing any real emotions about much of anything.

Occupation: Spirit
Tier: X-4
Strengths: strength (+0-1), speed(+0-1), magical pressure(+0-1)
Weaknesses: Durability (-0-3)

History:Sparda was not born, he was created. Created, along with his two other siblings, by the chief god, Nytos. Now, while his other siblings got rewards laid out for them in the future by their "father", he was not so fortunate. Immediately upon being created, he was tasked with being the messenger for the gods. Travelling to and fro in the afterlife keeping them all set up with how things were meant to go. Until, after a few hundred years of this, Nytos decided to open the afterlife to mortals, in a way of seeing how their behavior changed with the thought of a reward or punishment after death based on their living lives. It went about as expected and not long after this decision, Sparda and those he led were tasked with being hunters instead of messengers. Admittedly, he liked this job better, but was still jealous of his brother's who were being groomed to take on the leadership of the two major heavenly bodies once they reached godhood. He on the other hand, seemed trapped in his current predicament. This lifestyle continued for hundreds of years, hunting down spirits who escape or try to run from the afterlife, hunting down and executing mortals who attempt to gain immortality or otherwise interfere in the business of the gods. That is, it continued until Nytos made a mistake. He allowed for a mortal to truly gain immortality and begin to unravel the creation he had been working on. So, the "king of the gods" made two of his sons, Beleg and Alucard into mortal beings and sent them to clean up his mess. This greatly upset Sparda as he felt they had been given a more significant job, to add onto their already favorable roles. But, he kept it t himself and pushed it to the side. He would at least continue to do the work his father set him out to do.

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