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Nephalem [Fin]

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Nephalem [Fin]

Post by Sparda on Wed Apr 25, 2018 9:17 pm

Name: Nephalem (Seekers or Hell hounds)
Age of Race: Ageless: Existed since the beginning of time
Lifespan: ~2,000 years
Appearance: In their disguised form, they appear to be normal human/elvish races. In their true form however, they take on a much more hellish visage. They have two sets of wings, that vary in color, size and appearance. Their skin is very pale and they have claws and fangs.
True Form:

Attributes: Nephalem were created by the gods to act as their servants many years ago. Their primary job was to capture or retrieve souls that had left the afterlife and stayed gone for too long, so they eventually became known in legends as 'Seekers' or 'Hell hounds'. They have a few unique abilities beyond just being able to transform into their more animalistic form, they have access to two unique magics that are ONLY available to Nephalem: Holy Fire and Hell Fire. These two magics have unique attributes that enable the Nephalem to be better equipped to capture holy souls or those that have been damned. They are also one of the only non-deity creatures able to travel between all the planes: (i.e. The Pure World, the Underworld and the Land of the Living). They are also very physically adept, noted to be far more agile and dexterous than the average mortal.
Kingdom: Aligned solely with the Afterlife and the gods.
Standing: Viewed as myths really, even among those who claim divinity such as Demons and Seraphs, these creatures are largely unknown or believed to be myths. Though they are held to the highest degree of respect.

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