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Sparta, City-State

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Sparta, City-State

Post by Alucard on Mon May 22, 2017 10:34 pm

Sparta is a warrior society who focuses on loyalty to the state and military above all else. All young men are entered into training by the age of six and graduate when they can complete a 'crucible'. A crucible is an intense survival exercise that spans three months. If they can survive for that long wherever the Spartan Leaders drop them, they graduate training and are officially recognized as a Spartan. Women in this society also play a key role in being both warriors, caretakers, politicians or any other role. Their main Deity is Ilythia, The Goddess of War. Their main rivals/enemies are the Athenians.

The majority of the population is Human with some half-lings thrown in, though they are all treated equally as long as they can be of use to the country.

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