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Home Sweet Home [Training]

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Home Sweet Home [Training]

Post by Alucard on Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:44 pm

Alucard woke from his first restful night of sleep in over three hundred years with a content smile on his face. As it turns out, all it takes for a Demon Lord to get a good night's sleep would be a comfy bed in the middle of Hell. Alucard would crawl out of bed with a yawn and get one of his new servants to fetch his clothes and food. After he had gotten dressed and ate, it was time to head to his underground training area. The area had been built far before his death, but was suited for any and all training he would ever need to do. It was lined with magical runes that would repair any damage done to the area almost immediately, it also granted him the ability to be completely sealed off from the outside world, so much so, that he couldn't even see into this room with his Eye of Chaos. This was all too perfect. He was excited to begin working on some new spells that he had thought up but never got around to perfecting or even attempting to learn. The first one, would be something in a new type of magic that he himself, had invented. It was called cosmic magic and it enabled the user to tap in to cosmic energies and entities for use in spells that far exceeded the average human capabilities. From the ability to control time to the ability to control power comparable to the sun, he was excited to get his training underway. The first spell he would be working on he called, 'Push'. it enabled the user to control a gravitational force within themselves that would enable them to push objects away regardless of mass. The most difficult part of learning this technique would be getting literal gravity under his control and focusing its effects in his hand to gain a more concentrated attack, as opposed to an all encompassing gravitational explosion. While immense power was very beneficial to have, proper control would trump it all. If he was able to shoot off a fireball of immense size, but was unable to control it properly, he was apt to get burnt by his own technique. Whereas if he had the proper amount of control, he would be much better suited to attacking his intended target and not the unlucky saps that may be around them. So, he got to work, setting out glass bottles that he had finished off for breakfast on a table in the training room, he went and stood nearly twenty feet away. Holding out his hand, he would send his magical pressure out, converting it into gravity. All three bottles shot away and smashed against the opposite wall. As did the table and parts of the floor and ceiling. His control still lacked in refinement, but he continued to work on it. Using a bit of his time abilities, he reversed what just happened in front of him and was then left looking at his table with the three bottles on it. Pushing again, this time he focused more on hitting each specific bottle and circumventing the table all together. Sure enough, when the gravitational force went into action, the three bottles shot backwards, but this time, they didn't carry a table with them. He had made great progress with this ability, having learned and mastered it in only a few hours. He had kept shooting the bottles back, testing the amounts of force he could exert and what the effects of said exertions were. Satisfied with his results, he moved to begin on another spell.


Claiming Spell:

Name: Push
Type: Cosmic
Rank: B
Description: The user creates a gravitational push from their body, able to push away anything and everything in their vicinity. This effects at the users spiritual pressure tier, those with strength above or equal to that level are able to resist.
Cost: 2,000

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