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Passing the Torch [solo]

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Passing the Torch [solo]

Post by Alucard on Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:45 pm

Alucard and Rue had been travelling by flight until they made it into the borders of Ridbrad, at which point, they landed and proceeded to walk the rest of the way. As they walked, Alucard couldn't help but feel as though they were being followed. It was an odd feeling to be sure, but not one that he had never experienced. No, he had been followed on numerous occasions throughout his lifetime. To think that any being would view him as prey never went over well when they realized they were stalking a superior predator. This, however, was different. The one following them had skill beyond anything he had seen to date, being able to slip in and out of his senses, almost as if this person wanted him to notice that he was being followed, but yet not be able to track them. It was somewhat infuriating, but he needed to make sure that he protected Rue from someone like this, who could hide even from him. They made it into a small town, yet the presence followed them. As they went into an inn and got a couple of rooms, Alucard felt the presence disappear. Deciding to keep his senses open during the night, he allowed himself to go into a meditative trance. A few hours later he woke to the feeling having returned, he was able to track it somewhat this time, it felt like it was close to Rue's room. Immediately melting into the shadows, he would reappear in the corner of her room to find her bed was empty. It would seem that she had left the building in some way. Activating his Chaos Eye, he looked for her specifically and honed in on her, she appeared to be chasing something. It was moving extremely fast however so he was unable to get a good read on her target while also watching her. So, he took off in the direction they were headed and did his best to catch up to them.

It only took him a few minutes, but he finally felt Rue's magical energy. It was coming from inside of the local cathedral and it would seem that she was with someone. This person had more magical energy and pressure than even he himself did. Which, was not a good sign. Entering the building he recognized the man standing across from Rue, Saint Olivier, the local cardinal. Alucard had honestly forgotten that this man had a vendetta against him and had sent numerous petitions to the king in order to have him hunted down and executed, or at least get a bounty placed on him in Ridbrad. Due to his relationship with not only the king, but the Knight-Commander, these requests were ignored. But, apparently the man had somehow learned that the ancient demon was in the country and had been watching for his opportunity to strike. But, just as he was leaving, Rue must have tried to confront him. And one thing led to another, here he was. Entering into the room, he could hear the man asking Rue why she had followed him, Alucard didn't want Rue to incriminate herself, so he decided to make his presence known. "Forgive me, Father, I am a sin. Wrath, to be exact. I have come to make a confession." A wry smile graced his lips. The masked priest laughed some, "I suppose that I can grant you confession before I kill you, Demon. Now, what is your confession, fallen son?" Alucard chuckled some and drew his blade, truth. "I confess, I am actually looking forward to killing you tonight, wicked priest." With that, the masked priest and the red eyed demon vanished and reappeared, blades clashing. It was obvious that they had an equal amount of speed, but the mad priest was stronger and obviously more durable than Alucard was. But, Alucard has a healing factor that would make even the most accomplished self healer double take. So, he never really worried about defending himself too heavily.

Their blades clashed over and over again in an endless dance of both grace and brutality. One wielding a blade able to repair damage done, the other wielding two blades with some mysterious enchantment, but they were no doubt enchanted. The two were obviously very evenly matched, that is, until Alucard revealed his trump card, realizing that he would never win this match. His eye revealing the mythic seal, he was suddenly able to see all truth in the world again. This truth included the truth of this man's identity, his motives, even his next attack. But, being able to recognize what your opponent was about to do is only a part of the issue, the main problem he was facing is not being fast enough to dodge and having to settle on blocking and attempting to counter. Each of his blocks drew more energy as this man was truly physically superior to himself, and this was enough to annoy him to no end. Though, it would seem he had forgotten about Rue in the heat of the battle, and she had drawn her bow and fired off a shot at the mad priest. As the priest deflected a blow from truth, he, with his other blade, deflected the pressure arrow and fixed his attention on Rue. He then vanished from Alucard's sight and was heading to attack Rue for interfering. Alucard's world slowed to a halt, he would not allow her to come to harm. Vanishing and reappearing in front of her he blocked one of the blades, but was struck through his side with the other. Pushing the man away, he coughed up blood. Something wasn't right. "Oh, noticing something particular about that wound, Demon? These blades have been purified and blessed by Nytos and Umbra, they deal wounds that cannot be healed by anything less than the Holy Philosopher's Stone!" Alucard was shocked by this revelation and was unable to react any farther when he was struck through the heart. Glancing back at Rue, he could see the shock on her face, this is not the path he wanted for her. He didn't want her to be consumed with hatred... Looking back at the Mad Priest with the last of his strength, he set the man alight with black flames that would not diminish until he was reduced to ash. "Go, live your life Ruha. Go to Hilnadreg Peak and seek out the man named Beleg. Tell him that I have passed on and I will be entrusting your training to him from here on out." With that, the first Demon faded into the arms of Ladu Umbra and left this world behind.

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