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The Prophet [Leader of the Vatican]

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The Prophet [Leader of the Vatican]

Post by Alucard on Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:22 pm

Name: The Prophet
Age: unknown
Race: Presumed Human
Tier: X-4
Occupation: Guild Master, Priest
Location: Del Nalfen, Elagrid
Appearance: [Above]

Personality: Not much is known about this man, he has been secretly leading the Vatican from the shadows for hundreds of years, though has attracted absolutely no attention to himself. He has even managed to keep his existence a secret from the oldest people in the world. His history is also an unknown factor, but somehow he has gained a strength only the dead should have, but he is alive.

Magic: Arcane, Lightning, Alchemy, Creation, Light

Weapons: Divine Crucifix: Created with his special brand of magic, this artifact, hung around his neck, increases the potency of all his magic by +0-1 Tiers. Meaning all his magic attacks end up being Tier X-3.

Purpose: To serve as the leader of the Vatican and Church of Del Nalfen, as well as the main antagonist of the second arc

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