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Currency System

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Currency System

Post by Alucard on Sun May 21, 2017 12:57 am

Currency is measured in Gold. This is used to buy not only weapons, Armor and Spell Books, but can also be used to fund and create a guild! Gold is gained in a variety of ways, from completing bounties, to gifts given for helping people around the lands. If you take on quests, the gold given has a standard set by the kings, (Though some quests could offer more)

D-rank Quests- 500 Gold
C-rank Quests- 800 Gold
B-rank Quests- 1,000 Gold
A-rank Quests- 2,000 Gold
S-rank Quests- 4,000 Gold

Each rank of quest has a post count that must be reached for it to be considered complete. This of course means it is easier to complete more difficult quests in a team as this cuts down on post count required per person! Each post should be at LEAST two paragraphs in length. You also have the option of taking on missions Solo for a set Word count also listed below. it should be stated that Word Count is also only for solo missions and any mission taken on by a team is post count.

D- 2 posts or 400 words

C- 4 posts or 800 words

B- 5 posts or 1,000 words

A- 8 posts or 1,500 words

S- 10 posts or 2,000 words

To start a Guild, one must put in a startup fee of 10,000 Gold. This purchases a Legal Guild Slot and a Guild hall.

The other method for attaining gold is through posting and topics outside of missions. For a topic outside of plot missions, each post you gain 100 gold. and for each topic completed and/or started, you gain 500 gold additionally.

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